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midnight marauder

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  1. Recently changed my xbox live gamertag: Forum Handle midnight marauder Old Gamertag jayacmilan420 New/Current Gamertag TWP Pharcyde
  2. Forum Handle midnight marauder Gamertag jayacmilan420
  3. Thanks for the info crazycrab! But would of never thought of looking under that section, just made sense to put it here since it is a "first person shooter" for pc. Don't seem the harm in that. Also I found about it way before it was posted by maddemon, it was on my youtube feed when I woke up this morning and the post your speaking of was posted 4 hours ago barely.
  4. Title says it all
  5. Cool I'll be attending, just won't be able to talk much due having laryngitis at the moment but I should be back to normal next event. Update: My headset shipment has been delayed til monday, thanks ups! So I'll catch you guys next event!
  6. Yup! accepted your request on steam
  7. Recently purchased the game, and been playing with bots to get used to the mechanics of the game. Would like to start doing casual matches online, would anybody be interested in squading up sometime?
  8. Applied, new to the pc community but been playing with Rune and the ajsa platoon on xbox one for a while now. Battlelog name: ElevatedbyNature Xbox gt: jayacmilan420
  9. What's going on fellow ajsa members! Anyone down to squad up in Siege? Just got it the other day and haven't touched the multiplayer aspect, leave a comment or add me on xbox one gt jayacmilan420. Thanks for reading!
  10. Forum Handle Midnight Marauder Gamertag jayacmilan420
  11. Looking for people to squad up with on a weekly basis if possible(outside of the ajsa weekly event). Leave a comment or add me on xbox one gt jayacmilan420. Thanks for reading!
  12. I need a full set, I would like a robe if possible please
  13. Downloaded Halo today on xbox one, anyone down to play sometime?
  14. I'm currently lvl 20 almost 21, will do. Thanks again!
  15. Thanks! I appreciate it, will do. Yeah I'm still in need of new light armor