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  1. new update where you can make private lobbies, we should make a game night of it or something
  2. Im on ps4, can i sign up? Also i wasnt there for fhe first tournament, does that count me out of signing up completely? Also do my teammates have to be ajsa members?
  3. i dont get this post tbh, but ps4 and pc you can cross play on rocket league. im not sure if this event is only pc or both.
  4. This is gonna be bad, and good Because some games people wont bother to look at but they might be teally good like rain for example. But its nice getting to choose what main game is being given for free
  5. id like to reserve a spot just in case but its a 50/50 at the moment, if i dont reply to party invitation, just a heads up to not wait. also it may look like im on bit that's prob my brother. GNTLOU
  6. There still prob gonna suck ass anyway. Last word is getting a buff. Basicly hold r2 to win its gonna do even more damage making it easier for the shit player to get kills. Fusion rifle getting nerfed AGAIN. Thorn is finally getting nerfed. Not gonna stop the shit players from spamming.
  7. Sorry sent twice(problem with my phone) didnt mean to spam
  8. Are there any articles. On H Kojima talking about whats going happened between his and konamis relationship? And could the game Kojima and Del Torro working possibly be the horror game "Kitchen" which joe played at e3?
  9. well there's gonna be a ps4 game night just on rocket league next week saturday. so we can do whatever we can with that
  10. Okay. Bunguendoesnt really know whatbto do with the guns because 80% of the fanbase who. Go into the crucible end up in the forums but hurt shouting "NERF" They cant make everyone happy and they shouldnt tbh. They screwed up because they said they wanted to make players use other weapon types in the gane by takinh autorifles out which doesnt make much sense buffing pulse rifles which was appreciated but now thorn is in everyones hand in trials. They make this update on the new weapon fixes which is not even out till september. They make really stupid decisions because they listen to the stupid to the stupid morons in the forums. They should just put it back to the way it was
  11. If im honest the games started of very slow because of the traffic, but thats fixed now and it getsnyou into games much fatser than before
  12. Oh no problem i just feared what was true. But if we finish all the raids, what will we be doing because the raid usually takes like about hour on an average run. Thats 2 hours of rading unless you count then p.o.e, but thats obviously not a raid.
  13. im definelty up for this, but will we be doing some crucible, some skirmishes 3v3 etc? GNRAID