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  1. Assassins Creed 4 had the best story in the series.
  2. These makes for great wallpapers. Thanks!
  3. lol, I was actually referring to how unfairly easy his juggles were in MK9. That three hit combo you linked could alone easily deal over 30% damage if you just kept a rhythm. He has another three hit combo which you could also use alone to juggle your opponent for over 30% damage. Also, combo #2 starts with a low hit so unless you block low you'll get juggled, while combo #1 ends with an overhead, meaning that you have to block while standing or you'll get juggled. And even if you successfully blocked a combo, his speed would make it very hard to counter before he did another one.
  4. Does Liu Kang still have his ridiculous juggles from MK9?
  5. Fuck yeah, McCann is back!
  6. I really hope they bring back Michael McCann to compose the music.
  7. Best case scenario: My PC can run Witcher 3 --> proceed to enjoy lifelike I just had my firstborn child. Worst case scenaro: My PC can not run Witcher 3 --> proceed to turn to alcoholism and anti-depressants
  8. Do you fucking see this, Ubisoft? You spend half a year to bugfix before the game is released, not afterwards! I'm still salty about Watch Dogs and AC Unity.
  9. It should work without any issues.
  10. "Now what I'm about to ask I ask with all due respect" Oh boy. " are you not particularity good at video games?" Well that's a good start of an argument if I've ever seen one. "To spend "hours" playing this?" Does that by default make people bad at it? "You say it's better because a keybord/mouse makes it easier? First of, that's cheep!" No it's not. Why would it be cheap to use comfortable and working controls? "You say yourself you only played the console version in a store, how does that give you the enough info for a full blown comparison?" Gee, I don't know. Maybe the fact that he played the fucking game, which you yourself acknowledged. "How do you know how the game plays if you've played the game?" -derp. " Maybe the graphics are better, but that holds such a low level on the priority list for me it barley counts." Real gamerz don't care about graphics, aimirite? "Don't bring cost into it either, I bought the game for less than it's current steam sale price months ago on XBL." Did it cost 13 euros at launch on XBL? "To spend "hours" playing a game that's shorter than an unplanned shit stop in rattlesnake country is hardly a reason to think that the PC port is better than the console version, because, guess what, the console version is just as long." The console version also has worse framerate, resolution, overall graphics, price tag and controls. So there's that. " This isn't a particularity worthwhile game anyway." Care to elaborate? " It's like saying "Join the PC Master Race! We have Euro Truck Simulator"" And sales that put triple-A titles down to 2/3 of its launch price. At launch. "Personally, I hate the mouse/keyboard and avoid it whenever I can." Then plug in a controller. Also, your opinion does not make it cheap of other people to use a mouse/keyboard. " The interface just feels so unlike an action that you would perform in a game, overhead strategy games like Total war, CnC or Dungeon Keeper being the exceptions." Imprecise controls makes it so much more cinematic. "So the question asked in the topic title is irrelevant" You made it more relevant yourself, so nope. " this game sucks and should drain no more than 3-4 hours out of your life at the most anyway." That sentence could've been taken more seriously if you'd bothered to spend more than one fucking sentence on it in your wall of "Fuck PC" text.
  11. Miracle of Sound is frikkin amazing. He just recently released his new album Level 5. I highly recommend it. Among the 30(!) songs, these are some of my favourites:
  12. Time to buy all that shit you never thought you wanted!
  13. John Wick. I was hyped as fuck for that film only to find out they wouldn't be screening it where I live. Other than that, most of what you mentioned already. Jurassic World, Terminator and Avengers. I'm also looking forward to see Star Wars Episode VII, Mad Max: Fury Road, 007: Spectre and Blackhat solely because it's being made by Michael Mann.