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  1. I see the LGBT pride movement as bringing themselves into the light and no longer having to hide and finally being accepted by the world for who they are and not being treated with so much hate.
  2. Why not?
  3. I'm bisexual and over the past couple of days I finally comfortable to start coming out
  4. I've been using it for only about 30 min, but I like it so far, except for the wifi sharing thing, the ads and how cortana needs so much information just to search. I did see the xbox thing, I never had an xbox but this app looks interesting.
  5. I started a new Sith named Merdann ATM I'm level 1 on Korriban. Addendum: Imp named Merdann, I should be online until like 9pm (2100) CDT July 26. If you can message me saying your from the Joe show forum that would be great, I hate blind invites. Thank you!
  6. thanks for the warm welcome!
  7. Hello all, how are you! I'm new here and just got the time to look through the forums a little and just wanted to say hey.