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    I like to play games with people !
  1. I am going to be the odd man out and announce a board game. Monopoly, the only board game that forces you to bankrupt your family in order to win.
  2. I always liked this game, but thanks to the New Cho'Gall hero that is comming out. I am going to rock Heroes of the storm again. Have no favorite heroes but I do learn them quickly, besides I play to have fun (which is having a solid team and communication). EU: Hellstrider#2967
  3. Used it, simple.. good and even effin convenient. Even though it's good it's still in the down low. But yeah It DOES works better than a Teamspeak server (in my opinion). The only downside (I think) is that if the creators of Discord goes "pay by service" after it gets popular it might get a little bit annoying. But yeah it's an good application for simple communication and multiple sessions/rooms to talk with each other. I Second this emotion !
  4. This was expected. It was not going to be a well optimized game at the beginning. But a well and strong community for it to grow on. So things are going to pick up fast and changes are going to be made. People are both going to be happy and pissed off, but the sturdy groups (AJSA and plenty more) going to stay and be passionate about this game and have fun.
  5. Well let's wait for the Steam Sales or Steam Summer Sales. What I mean, let's set this idea for the summer so EVERYONE can play cheap and happily together. This is why we use PCs after all. But yes I am all about playing games together with real people instead of AIs. If you didn't know, the AJSA Jebby is actually the GET TO GO guy if you want to play 4X games (I don't mean that there is no official thing, just that we gather people we know). Last summer I played Civilization V with 8 other players and it was fun as hell. Slow but fun.
  6. I feel like movies these way show us too much of it's representation. We people imagine so much and if we really dig into it, we imagine even more. By staying silent up to release the people just gonna stay excited and watch the movie. Now I feel like there is almost no point in seeing Jurassic World. The only substance the movie has now is visuals and 3D animations. No story or development because the huge dump has been spoiled. Here is an awesome trailer for you, that you probably call a teaser thanks to it's short presentation: You animate the logo bit by bit, building itself until you unveil the whole thing. Jurassic World, quick flashes of the old character of the previous movie.
  7. Banned because issues.
  8. The channels are good. I like the content that comes out of the ones I follow (follow, not subscribe). But there comes a point where Big Companies likes to fuck with the western ideals. And screw over our beloved youtube content providers that makes me want to say "Just fucking leave youtube and create your own media website". Even so, it's just going to fall on it's knees because that would mean.. less google search on youtube and more bookmarkings for the new websites. ------ On the flipp side, these are my channels I check: TotalBiscuitThe Game TheoristsJesse CoxInside Gaming <---- Is no moreMachinimaJackFrags <--- Just a habit of watching BF4 easter eggsFrankieOnPCin1080CinemassacreCinemasinsScreen JunkiesHISHEBrainScrachCommsSGB (The Super Gaming Bros)SomeCallMeJohnnyPewDiePi..... NOPE, not in a million years. Though it's good that he is fighting Nintendo.
  9. I usually disable my Adblock I have installed on Opera. But commercials are region locked. I get Swedish ads on my side of youtube and with the same boring 30 minute ads. That just screams "ENABLE THE DAMNED ADBLOCK" for me.
  10. Hey, going international is good.. but I thought the Russians understood English...
  11. Banned for being in denial
  12. Some people call it arrogance, others just pure narcissism. I for one call this hilarious
  13. Bans, bans everywhere.