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  1. The theory was a method for people to try and cope with such a terrible ending.
  2. Half-Life Half-Life 2 Day of Defeat TFC CS 1.5/1.6 Goldeneye Doom / Wolfenstein TF2 BF1942 and 4 Metro / S.T.A.L.K.E.R I Left out any games that were hybrids like Fallout, Deus Ex, and others.
  3. Yea, no way in hell am I getting this after playing the beta
  4. I use the following right now. BijiPlates AMPfinder Raretracker (tells you about rare mobs when you come across them like 400-500m distance) Spacestash (A must have bag addon for me) Zenrader (A recommended must, tells you were data cubs, lore books, and quest items are and what distance they are from you) HarvestPlates (Put name plates + type over resource nodes in the world) IconLoot ( I feel is needed because it does loot better then the default system with more details and control) Procshud (Whenever one of your proc abilities is ready it lets you know next to your character, pretty handy) SCastbar (Better cast bar.) Lockdown (Camera acts like a action game, so no longer need to hold down right mouse button and use a reticule for targeting) I would recommend threat meter be added to the list for raiding.
  5. That is only if you are not suffering from the "guest account" bug
  6. Found it to be a total "meh" game. Not terrible, but not great just....."meh" just feels like a watered down GTA with a joke "hacking" tacked on. Happy I didn't purchase it.
  7. Sigh....
  8. http://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield_4/comments/1q1p54/to_everyone_complaining_about_terrible_netcode_in/
  9. For PvE I think it can, for PvP I highly doubt it
  10. They are great melee/pack healers really.
  11. I still wish that they had never added flying mounts. Only a few expect everything to be free, its just the $15/m sub model is very dated.
  12. Netcode has never been the issue. Issue has always been with client/server side bugs
  13. Esper I believe will be underplayed(in the game overall) but will be key. They are pretty much the go to tank healer, since they have the most targeted heals
  14. Get 32 hirelings (40 if you also want to do the food one) Gets you mats and can make you money
  15. That is usually an issue though, you have to make a better tutorial/start or people just get turned away.