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  • Birthday 03/07/1990

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    Star citizen basic gaming RPG's FPS. Survival. TOMBRAIDER all around just gaming and having a good time while gaming
  1. Greetings Fellow Jedi and or Sith I Would be Interested in joining the AJSA on the Jedi Covenant Imperial side i have come out of Retirement and got back into playing Swtor again my characters name is Nar'rak (depending greatly) on my transfer status I'm transferring him from Jung Ma to The Covenant. I would be Honored to be granted the Privilege to Fight for the Empire and serve in the Legion of the AJSA (TBA depending on my transfer status i will update the name of the character to the fixed one if my transfer doesn't allow my name) Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to Serve FOR THE EMPIRE is strong and the Force will drive my power
  2. Thanks guys and Yes I've played Starcraft all the way from SC to Broodwar then into WOL and now HOTS I havn't played CS Go in a long time it's a whole lot different than 1.6 or Source. But yeah thanks for the replies I'll be doing my best to reply back and ill take a look on the threads Right now I'm Currently playing Steam games (mainly) ARK Survival evolved. Looking forward to gaming with you all and oh yeah i also have Payday 2
  3. Well to start out Hi.. My name tag (is) Opticalillusion started gaming back in first eon years of 1995-Present Started the Gamer tag after getting hooked into CS or as many now know as Half life Counterstrike from 1.3 all the way to 1.6 to source and finally CS go im a 3 year vet on Steam (havnt checked lately) been heavily influenced by Counterstrike started there got into WoW, Warcraft FT and ROC. still playing the Starcraft series I play all sorts of systems ranging from PC to playstation 1-2 (dont have a PSN) Xbox 360 Gamertag expired no gold membership (yet) Currently interested in starcitizen and SWTOR (came out of retirement) with Sevn76 (steam ID current is Negative-K/D changed from Opticalillusion) would love to join the community and have blast gaming with fellow ethusiast and gamer's alike. First time signing up on this kind of Forum so im in simple terms a Noob but yeah I'm eagerly excited to join and experience the AJSA and it's friendly gamer community. Thank you (^X^)