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Everything posted by Demonbane775

  1. Windows Movie maker is actually a good way to get the hang of baisic editing, and then once you're confident you have the hang of cutting and very baisic things, and you're willing to commit to the bit, then think about maybe getting something like Sony vegas Pro. Movie maker and other free software is good for beginners but has some very clear constraints.
  2. I play in full Templar Battle regalia.
  3. I have a shitty Youtube channel I need to update.
  4. Fucking hell it's good to be back. I MISSED YOU TWATS http://media.giphy.com/media/9EwnzGNjvmIG4/giphy.gif
  5. >Overhyped as fuck game >Generic armor >Overworld with fucking nothing to do >Shitty unbalanced PvP >Shitty unbalanced PvE >Literally nonexistent story I don't know about you guys but Destiny was a huge disappointment. Pic unrelated.
  8. But "Over Hyped" Literally means that it didn't deliver on it's promises. And a lot of people are pretty dissapointed with how generic and dull the gameplay is. The gameplay. That has nothing to do with the cut content if people find the core gameplay boring. I'm glad you're so enamored with the game, I have a hard time being enamored with anything, I even point out the flaws in games I like, like Fallout 4. Hell, I even liked Destiny, and that game was overhyped as sweet baby jesus and has jack shit to do in it. But don't be that fanboy.
  9. It's not a Tom Clancy game.
  10. If this doesn't keep you lot motivated nothing will PURGE THE DARKNESS FOR THE FALLEN AND FOR THE EMPRAH.
  11. Holy shit I started with Tau too Though I've stuck with them, I really like them in both fluff and crunch.
  12. So, AJSA, I'm in a bit of a pickle. I've been playing Vermintide recently, and while I love the shit out of it, I'm really thirsting for more games like it. Not in the Left 4 Dead clone way, I mean in that very distinctive Warhammer style of glorious violent giblets. Separating my enemies from their body parts with swords and axes, or crushing through armor and splattering skulls with big hammers and maces. Anyone know of some games like that? Bonus points if they've got good single player (Unlike Vermintide), are RPG's, and/or are in third person perspective.
  13. So to do this do I just need to stream DoW II?
  14. I used to have a buddy who was super into 40K too, but I haven't talked with him in years, sadly.
  15. There are no girls on the Internet.
  16. *Neckbeard intensifies* I'm kinda a big 40k fan
  17. I don't think someone who has blatantly called all PC users the "PC moron race" has a lot of protection under the Code of Conduct, Shagger. It's not just this thread, but a lot of things you've been posting lately. I don't know what's gotten into you, you used to be a pretty cool guy, but lately you've been on this weird fanboy thing. It's not befitting of an officer, which you just pointed out you are, and I'd expect an authority figure like you to have a lot more restraint in doing things like calling all PC users morons and basically acting like a self-righteous prick on the subject of the XBOX One. I get you're the XBONE officer, but there's a line in the sand you need to draw between being an authority figure and a fan to being a raving fanboy. Shagger, it wasn't a month ago I thought you were a pretty damn great guy. Whatever the fuck is going on with you, you need to sort it out, because you're not behaving like an officer, much less the awesome guy I remember. I know for a goddamned fact I'm not the only person here frustrated with your behavior of late. Please, just figure your shit out and stop with the weird fanboy kick.
  19. Disappointed with how we didn't join you in blatant XBONE fanboyism? Understandable, I mean there's not too many people here that like it. THE KINECT WILL ALWAYS BE ON AND IT WILL WATCH YOU AT ALL TIMES. THE XBOX ONE REQUIRES CONSTANT INTERNET CONNECTION AND YOU CAN'T PLAY GAMES IF YOU'RE OFFLINE FOR MORE THAN AN HOUR GAMES CAN ONLY BE INSTALLED AND PLAYED ON ONE SYSTEM NO BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY BUY THE XBOX ONE TODAY Yes I'm aware they got rid of most of that stuff. No I will never forgive them. Yes I was a diehard 360 fanboy for years until the XBONE was announced. Shagger, you need to put your fanboyism back in your pants and behave like a proper goddamned officer, people are laughing at you.
  20. Basically /thread here.
  22. I had a good run. Make sure to set up a good nordic funeral for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=1_qsyqUnJcM&channel=UCvXTaXrtI1-jcPCK9qtxerA I'LL BE WAITING FOR YOU FUCKERS IN VALHALLA. DON'T YOU DARE COME JOIN ME UNTIL THE JOB'S DONE.