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  1. Haha! I mean an unlockable one!
  2. But which one though, I like them all but I will certainly get suited to the one that performs the best
  3. Hey guy, I am wondering which snipe rifle is the best to use in terms of damage, fire rate and average kill rate of each sniper. I am currently using the M40A5, .338 Recon and L96A1, not sure if these are good choices or not. Tell me what you think!
  4. I'd rather get BF4 on PC or the next gen consoles, the maps feel really empty on the 24 player limit, trust me, you will be better off for it.
  5. No shit! I remember seeing you on the server, I was the guy who was like CynicalCrit = CynicalBrit on the AJSA server! Haha, I actually thought you were TB!
  6. Homeworld Halo 2 Ground Control Conker Live & Reloaded Stubbs The Zombie
  7. I used to play Homeworld and Ground Control. Amazing games. Also a bit of Supreme Commander
  8. It is only good for the the trailers. Everything else is an absolute joke, almost insulting. Hosted by a bunch of fools and the featured awards are so dumb.
  9. Basically RTU did a video claiming that there will be a disastrous console launch. Basically a few sources told him stuff like that the Day One patch for the PS4 removes DRM for the games to work, because according to his sources the PS4 were originally going to implement DRM but saw what MS were doing and swept it under the rug. Also things like games like Watchdogs got delayed due to the horrible online service at launch and they needed to adjust the game to non-DRM so the game launch won't be total shit. He says that he hopes these statements are false yet most PS4 fanboys started ranting about what an 'e-beggar' he is ect. Videos are here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0BTo_chWLI
  10. Everything Wrong with Battlefield 4 Campaign in 2 Minutes or More. (Spoilers. Duh) - Cheap jumpscare at beginning - Better call the RSPCA, there seem to be some animal abuse going on here! - Oh, thanks, give me these binoculars I will never use. Ever. - Why should the helicopter even wait for me to call the orders in, it can easily see the enemy, why doesn't it kill them saving tons of time. - Also, why is the helicopter firing down on the enemy like that? Obviously it would give away position to some other chopper... - Oh look, an attack helicopter, we could easily shoot out the pilots, maybe with the grenade launcher you just used. - Well, what a shame, everyone seemed to know when to jump out at the same time, like, wouldn't there be at least one person concussed or something? - Weird how the chopper couldn't see the attack helicopter coming in behind soon enough, beforehand it could detect it from MUCH further away. - Fun... A driving scene - Weird how the rockets from the attack helicopter hasn't even done a scratch to the unarmored truck that you were driving... - OH, NOW YOU USE THE GRENADE LAUNCHER! - Why did you send Tombstone into Baku, when you OBVIOUSLY knew what was going on, sure you need confirmation, but isn't there a much safer, quicker way to do that? This was practically the first mission, like the post if you like this and I'll do another!
  11. RTU is getting a lot of shit for what he does from the DualShockers apparently.
  12. I make retrospective reviews on YouTube based around 6th Gen gaming and in particular the original Xbox. The videos are similar to what you see of JonTron or AVGN but I am trying to bring my own style to it. Yet I don't want to be a copycat of any kind *cough*Irate Gamer*cough*. My first video is the process of being made, make sure to subscribe if you are interested (link is in my signature)
  13. You guys should for the meantime create a mod based around the angry army using the source engine. (SDK) It apparently is fairly easy to use and good for FPS.
  14. Add me! (My Battelog name is to the left)
  15. Mine is RavenJuicePSA because they wouldn't aceept just 'RavenJuice'