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    Gaming, watching anime, listening and making music (using a synthesizer)
  1. I love playing videogames with my friends (especially my best friend who is not much of a gamer), and I mostly love playing singleplayer games with my best friend as well, when it comes to multiplayer games (CoD, Halo, Diablo) we would always play those locally, which is more fun (for me).
  2. Well at least you're honest, i use a Nikon D90 btw
  3. You're one of the first person that i saw, that enjoys giving away games. That's very nice of you
  4. So far, i have Cities Skylines: After Dark, the game is really fun to play, i mostly play with unlimited funds and "unlock all" to just have fun and see what i can make.
  5. So while looking for MMORPGS and because i got bored playing Lord of the Rings Online, because my bestfriend doesn't play it, i decided to check out Guild Wars 2 to see if my bestfriend would like to play it with me (he's not interested in MMORPGS), and because its free to play (and sadly because i'm an F2P). I downloaded the game. With no little knowledge about Guild Wars 2, and also barely remembers Angry Joe's review of it, i played the game anyway. I created a human warrior named "Night Garalt" and a female Guardian named "Night Galadel", i decided to play the warrior more because i enjoy tanking and some other things related to that. The game is nice, the environments looks really great, and most of all my PC can handle it! (well, i get 30 fps, so maybe i have to set my settings to low or medium) , i spent half a day playing it and i feel like this is an MMORPG that i can fully commit to. Right now i'm a Level 9 Warrior
  6. Ever since i downloaded SFM for my PC, it was confusing at first. Then i decided to watch Valve's SFM tutorials. Some stuff is still confusing like the Motion Graph Editor.
  7. So i started working on a small project of mine in SFM, I don't know if i should animate but right now, i'm practicing animating in SFM. If i do make an animation, i would love to share it here . But for now, what would you guys rate my (soon to be) poster?
  8. Ever since Star Wars Battlefront 3 is now in beta, I got the chance to play it, and the game is actually fun to play. The graphics of the game looks amazing, the environments really makes you feel that you're a Stormtrooper blasting away those rebel scum, the gameplay, sadly, feels like your ordinary FPS. The only thing that bothers me during the beta, is that, there's no space battles. Space Battles what made battlefront, battlefront! (for me at least). Well, there's dog fights in ground battles, that's okay, but I really wanted the space battles, imagine the possibilities of the Frostbite engine 3, if they have space battles, your ship will take precise damage (example: left wing broken). Enough of space battles. In game, you can play in 1st Person or in 3rd Person, 1st person's aiming, doesn't look pleasant, while aiming (in 1st person), it takes up the screen, making it an disadvantage, so i prefer playing in 3rd person. This game is pretty okay, but not that great or bad, just an okay game for me.
  9. Thanks, I understand why people nowadays hate anime because of the fanservice, but people have their opinions, but i respect your opinion and as well to everyone's opinion on different anime
  10. Thanks! I would like to post more of my artwork here!
  11. Haha, thanks, and yes, "what kills me" makes me alive. Lol
  12. It's been a long time since i haven't posted in the forums, well, here's my post about my drawings! About anime! (Ryuko from Kill la Kill) (Yoko from Gurren Lagann) I use SketchBook Pro on my Macbook Pro to draw these. I'm also thinking of coloring them, but not now.
  13. So far, I haven't seen any microtransactions on Relic Hunters
  14. Thanks for the info