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  1. I refuse to buy it. Only because I don't want to shove money towards Square and give them any false opinion that the game they made / have been making is the game I like. So basically, I've decided to boycott Square Enix till they stop making shitty Final Fantasies.
  2. ****WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT!!*** Thank you guys for being so patient with me! It's been a very hectic few weeks for me. Lot's of personal crap that I'll not bore you with. So anyway, The moment you've all been waiting for!! The Winner of the Scout's Coolest Character Contest is!! Boss Ronin!!! Congratulations Boss Ronin!!! And thank you everyone for submitting your character ideas!! I'll be having more art contests coming up in the future when time slots open up!!! TIll then, please keep an eye out for them and keep coming up with those awesome characters!!
  3. The Nickname 'Scout' started out because I was always playing the stealth class in MMOs. In PvP, I'd sneak over and report the movements of the enemy. My original nicks never got used and I was always just referred to as "The Scout'. So I changed my nickname to just Scout. Later, I ended up creating a whole character around the name for a comic, which is the comic picture you see as my avatar. Now I use it in most things Game related so my gaming friends can find me easily enough.
  4. I've played them all. Yes. ALL (including the MMOS). Every single game with final fantasy in the title is sitting on my game shelf. I used to be an unapologetic FF fan. The series started it's major decline with FF8 but in my opinion, didn't truly die till FF10. FF10 to me is absolute garbage. FF13 in my opinion, is beyond garbage... it's a mockery, a spit in the face, an insult. To me, it felt as though 10 and every game proceeding it, was just a very sad attempt to get girls to play video games. The stories were half-assed written.. made little to no sense and the characters were / are bland, stereotypical non-evolving annoying versions of every Slice-of-Life character in anime ever written. They were tailored for a very specific audience in Japan, an audience that didn't include previous fans of the series. At this point, I only continue to buy the games out of sheer habit and some sad inability to accept the reality of the dead series as it is. It's like there is still hope somewhere inside me that SE might realize what large douches they've been and finally get the next one right. Yeah.. not going to happen but one can dream. What could they do to make the newer ones better?? Fire people, starting with Daisuke Watanabe & Motomu Toriyama. Yoshinori Kitase needs to direct again and stop being producer.. he SUCKS at producing. The ONLY thing they're able to get even remotely correct is the graphics... But let's face it, graphics is hardly half of a game these days. (besides... there is only so much you can do with retexturing wireframes with real skin texture before it just starts to look odd)
  5. This thread is now CLOSED!! Thanks to everyone who participated! The winner will be announced as soon as I read through them all!! Good luck to everyone! <3
  6. I've seen people use Inkpad before where they take an existing photo and then create the vector lines over the photo on a separate layer. Color it, then delete the 'background' photo. Is this how your brother did this? The reason I ask is because this would be one of the better ones I've seen done this way. Most of the ones I've seen done like that are buildings or scenery.
  8. Yeah I'm having a fair bit of trouble connecting.... *cry*
  9. It's just all the egg-nog and holiday CHEER! Once the holidays are over, we'll make sure to thoroughly oppress your every move all the while going into a beautiful choreographed ban-hammer dance in which would make Thor envious!
  10. LOL me too! Confession: I haven't read any of the character submissions yet. I don't want to spoil them for myself and I plan to print them all out and read them before bed after the deadline!
  11. <3 Thank you ViralBunny! It's nice to be acknowledged but most of all, we're just happy to be of service! It's a pleasure to meet so many awesome people who're so very different and unique but all very much the same in our love of gaming!
  12. God bless you too Kaz. Always be proud of your beginnings. Because it's a constant reminder of how far you've traveled.
  13. It's true Kaz. Perseverance and hard work can change the future of a whole family. Going off that idea, other confessions: I was the second child in two generations to receive a high school diploma in my family (the first being my father) and the first ever in my family to attend college. I won state in Art five years in a row starting in grammar school and one year, even beat my own Aunt at the competition when I reached the Adult age group. I was the first person in my state chosen to compete for the Governor's Cup Art Scholarship three years in a row. My father didn't attend a single competition, or any graduation and only last year, ever asked me to draw anything. ... his request was that I draw a portrait of him and his daughters. Which to this day, I've still not decided to draw.
  14. Scout Confession #...I lost count. I grew up dirt poor. SO dirt poor, that my four sisters and I often had to go a full week eating nothing but pinto beans and 'hoe cakes'. We also didn't have cable but my eldest sister's ability to fart the alphabet (thanks to the beans) kept five young kids rather entertained!
  15. Just a short Bio will be fine. I can't promise I'll read posts that are over 500 words. Mostly because I have very limited time to spend outside of my work, mothering, and modding.