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About Navywolf

  • Birthday 09/21/1974

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    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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    Video Gaming (obviously), Pen and Paper RPGs, Warhammer, Culinary Arts, Good Food & Fine Wines, World Travel.
  1. I have to say I cannot get into this game. I've tried several times. The sheer number of timed missions the devs threw in just kill it for me. Having a timed mission once in a while gives me a good thrill, but being there's so many of them in XCOM 2 that it really ruins the game for me. I don't like feeling rushed in a turn based strategy game.
  2. Welcome to the guild, Adpop, I hesitate to suggest this, especially if you are attached to your characters at all, but if you're willing to totally restart I believe you can delete all of your characters, then transfer to the Northern Shiverpeaks server without incurring any monetary cost at all. And don't trust gold selling sites. Easiest way to get your computer and account hacked.
  3. I've been a long time Necron player, and my Golden Host has seen it's share of battles and tournaments. I'm still trying to update them with the new codex. I also have a Emperor's Children Chaos Marine army with some really sweet models from Forge World. Now I just need to get motivated and actually paint them. There's a big convention in Halifax from Oct 30th - Nov 1st. I'm hoping I can get them all painted in time to enter the tournament there. I also have a Vampire Counts army for Warhammer Fantasy. Unfortunately I no longer play them as I find the 'Winds of Magic' rules totally screw over armies that are reliant on magic. So unless those rules change my vampires will lurk on the shadowy sidelines.
  4. Anyone heard anything about a new Sisters of Battle army, or Inquisition? I wanted to start a SoB army last year but they went and pulled all the models for them off the shelves.
  5. I currently have two ships; Cutlass with the Blackbeard Stealth Skin Freelancer DUR I do not have a IGN ID, but my Handle Name in Star Citizen is Solar_Wolf. As for what my 'trade' in game is I lean more toward exploration/trading/mining, but I'm planning on taking part in all parts of the game including being a merc or pirate.
  6. Exploration, transporting goods, mining (if there is any), bounty hunting, mercenary, pirate, it doesn't matter. I'm up for anything in the game, and I want to do it all. Waiting for this game is worse than waiting for Christmas when I was a kid. I want it NOW!
  7. I'm so looking forward to this game. Currently I own a Freelancer, and a Cutlass (with the Blackbeard stealth skin). I can go exploration or bounty hunting/piracy.
  8. I've recently returned to GW2 after a 2 year hiatus. Haven't met any of the AA guild members yet other than chatting with them in guild chat, but they certainly sound like a friendly lot. There was a guild event today to get an achievement, (I think that was the goal) but unfortunately I had RL tasks to complete so I couldn't take part. So far it's been a solo experience for me, other than the escort quests and such, but the world certainly isn't empty, I see other players regularly. Most of the AA members I've seen online are level 80, so I'm hoping some more new blood joins up soon as I'd like to have some leveling partners. Overall I'm having a good time with the game. It certainly is heads and shoulders above WoW. I am looking forward to the WvW and making a contribution to the AA's goals, whatever they may be.
  9. I am Navywolf. Hear me howl! Good to meet you all. I'm a sailor with the Royal Canadian Navy based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I've been playing video games my entire life. In fact my family owned an original 'PONG' system, and my mother weaned me on an Intellivision video game system. That's a looooong time ago. I play all sorts of games, though I'm partial to RPG's (Dragon Age/Fallout/Mass Effect), and strategy games (Total War series/XCOM). I also play tabletop wargames (Warhammer 40k) and pen and paper RPGs (D&D/Warhammer Fantasy RP/Pathfinder). I've pretty much tried most of the big name MMO's but at the moment I'm starting GW2 up again, and looking forward to Star Citizen. Been a Angry Joe fan for awhile now, and thought the time was right to join up with with the Angry Army and contribute to Angry Joe's conquest of the internet. Hope to make some new friends here.
  10. Greetings all, I've been away from GW2 for over two years now, but figured I'll give it another go and see how much better the game is. Just transferred to the Northern Shiverpeaks Server and I have a level 80 Sylvari Necromancer named Ominous Shade, but to be honest I've totally forgotten how to play her or how the game mechanics work. So I'll be starting a new toon to learn how the game works again. My Account Name is CanuckNavywolf.7536 Looking forward to adventuring with you all. New character is a Norn Warrior I've named Wolfe Greymane.