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  1. Hopefully a network is formed where they can all abandon YouTube and be able to still make a decent living. I would love to leave YouTube right now and move on to greener pastures. Possibly Twitch
  2. Okay so I've been trudging up this river all night long. After I saw Joe's first tweet about what YouTube has done and is still doing to his channel and many, many others. I'm sick right now over all this bullshit. What is being done to Joe can destroy his livelihood and severely cripple the type of content we viewers seek out. The fair and honest critiques and often hilarious dialog we enjoy daily could very well vanish because of incredibly unfair regulations. As he said in his rant, He is not stealing or distributing illegal content. He is offering a service that is absolutely needed in the gaming industry. It aids to keep things honest and helps to promote some of the little guys that would otherwise see non such exposure. Look at his video for The Mandate for christs sake. I never would have heard of that kickstarter if it weren't for Joe. Content creators like Joe need our support and though I have no clue where to start the entire lot of us need to be aware. Best case scenario, Google realizes what has happened here and makes it right without further issue. Worst case we need to start gearing up for war! All jokes aside we are the Angry Army after all.
  3. I would join if they would release a PC version. I know that would never happen at this point but still I miss playing this game.
  4. It's going to be an interesting option for gaming in the future. I am a big fan of Linux and think that it could very well be the future for PC gaming. That being said I am also a rare fan of Windows 8 (8.1). I am building a new system around it this next year personally but as always will have an Ubuntu partition ready to go.
  5. I really just wanted to say congratulations to Joe for everything he has accomplished. I can't believe so many years have passed since I started watching but its been a great ride! The reviews continue to get better maybe because a lot of games continue to get shittier As for me I am a 27 year old life long gamer and right now I am currently replaying Half-Life 2 and the 2 episodes that followed. I am a fan of full immersion in video games and have extremely high hopes for the hopefully soon to be released Oculus Rift. I personally am not a huge fan of most AAA games, unless they back off from constant hand holding and occasionally try something new. I will keep my ear out for the next gen consoles but honestly haven't had much love for consoles since 2005. Favorite all time games include : The Half-Life series, The Elder Scrolls series, The Deus Ex series, The Fallout series, The Grand Theft Auto series, and Earthbound
  6. Super Mario Brothers on my 4th birthday in 1990. Thus began a lifelong addiction.