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  1. Welcome!
  2. Resistance Event Jan 23-Feb 28 New Weapons Demolition and Prop Hunt And More!
  3. Welcome to THE Angry Army, Glad to have you here!
  5. I have some good news about an upcoming update. If you haven't already noticed, WWII does not follow the standard that our Domination matches should be at. What I mean by that is they have it at 50 points per kill or DOM50 as we like to call it. This results in very boring games because it is hard to get your score streaks. It takes up to 8 kills alone just to get a UAV. This is unacceptable, and most of the community has pounded SH to change it. In an Upcoming update, there will be a test game mode of DOM100. This should be fun as more kill streaks will be called in and in my mind will bring us back to the good old days. Hopefully this is a permanent thing.
  6. I have never experienced this issue but I have not partied up in awhile. They could be having server issues. You should check their social channels to see what they're saying. As bad as it sounds activision support could be a last resort if the issues continue.
  7. BIG NEWS! FPP and Crash Fixes! PATCH NOTES: https://t.co/rX6IIQb85R
  8. Yes, Mr B. Welcome and let's crush Corporate Command [AKA EA] *cough cough*. Good to have you with us!
  9. Good Day CapSparrow! Welcome to the AJSA! My name is Melon and I am part of the Xbox One Division. We would love to have you play some online games with us! We are about to come off our winter break and it's almost time to continue our event schedule. I can get you started by introducing you to our Commander Mr. Rune. You can message him on the forums here, or on Xbox. FORUM HANDLE: RUNEX GamerTag: ASCAPERUNEPLAYA Again, welcome to the community and we would love to see you sometime in the near future. It's always good to have a fellow HOUSTONIAN within the AJSA.