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  1. Well thank god it's something that should reasonably be resolved quickly, but it's still infuriating seeing shit like this happening. Taking down someone's entire video for any amount of time because they're unhappy with how someone else represented them is just atrocious.
  2. Excuse me, but THE HELL IS THIS SHIT!?! I watched part of this video, but i stopped before number 2 and was going to watch the rest later, until this happened obviously. Does this channel come up later in the video somewhere? I mean, is this even legit or is it someone just bullshitting Joe's channel with a copyright claim because they don't agree with him or they were just pissed off at something?
  3. I APPROVE OF THIS ENDING PHASE! I also think at one point we should spread out around a base and just spam our cloak to make as many annoying sounds as possible.
  4. Oh dang, the internet has just been nothing but "HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!" since this launch trailer dropped. Not gonna lie, the beta build looks very promising and with my love of original StarCraft and the whole C&C series, i'm pretty excited and I hope it'll be as good as i'm sure we all want it to be. But, I shall contain my surely inevitable hype explosion for release day.
  5. Eh, I was gonna get in to this game but I decided against it for two reasons. The fact that I already have such a huge investment in Star Citizen, and the one big glaring problem with this exploration focused space sim game. What the hell happens when all the star systems are found and all the planets are explored? I'll wait for Star citizen for the combat, universe, and community I want, and this games shininess in regards to its massive unexplored universe will wear off quite quickly.
  6. Viva Namida from Space Dandy. I thought it was just dumb and uninteresting at first, but holy crap that song can get stuck in your head. The techno space jazz funkiness cannot be contained. Also, My Soul Your Beats from Angel Beats. It was fine for the first few episodes, but when the feels started happening in the show, the feels also happened all over again every time I watched that intro.
  7. I only pay in to any kind of free to play game, be it MMO, MOBA, or whatever else, if I believe the game has to have these three points along with me wanting to actually play it long term. A- Put forward an enjoyable experience to start with. B- The company behind the game has plans for the future of the game and they coincide with what i'd like to see in the game, and they're actually trustworthy with how they implement new content and respond to player feedback. and C- Isn't a broken, unoptimized, or brokenly unbalanced with no immediate changes. If the game can check those points off, and doesnt have a poisonous or non-existent community, then i'm all for paying in to some type of microtransaction system or subscription because I know that money goes in to supporting the devs behind the game and (hopefully) making the game better in the future. it's quite similar to how I won't spend my money on a 60 dollar title, or any pay first title, if I don't believe i'll be getting my moneys worth out of it. I also agree with the bang for the buck statement above me, I'm all for supporting the devs but if i'm paying 10-15 bucks a month and/or paying for microtransactions, I certainly want as much out of it as possible.
  8. I agree with the 3rd party support and that it shouldn't release for a few years (even though that means we're stuck with the Wii U for a few more years), but the 4K capable isn't something i'd expect in ANY console for a long time, seeing as they can't even handle 1080p on most titles now. That definitely won't be changing within two years, unless Nvidia or AMD make some god-tier GPU core that performs as well as 2 GTX980s and only costs 100 dollars or so. Otherwise we'd be paying high end gaming computer prices for something that isn't a PC, and that would be silly. Also, creating a new console that goes in a different direction than the Wii U really is the only way I can imagine for Nintendo to try and salvage the damage they've done to their image and reputation. People think of games, and the legends from the games such as Link, Mario, Sonic, and what not when they think of nintendo, they don't think of the consoles or anything else the company is known for, and they really need to add on to what little they're widely known for.
  9. OOOOHHHHHHH F22xRaptor He and his scraggly, deafening speech based shenanigans will live on in our hearts and minds forever... even if most of us wanted to C4 his ass in the spawn room... Seriously, how did this not make it into some kind of honorable mentions section of the AAR???
  10. YYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! I love this guy, he knows this game very well and is stupidly good and loves the entire PS2 community as a whole to death and all of his videos really reflect that. Seriously, if you're new to PS2 or want to know almost anything about it or how to get better and what not, check out Wrel.
  11. This is pure speculation based on what i've heard of the situation and what Ubisoft themselves have put out so far, but it seems like they're only optimizing this game for the GPUs and CPUs listed on their minimum/recommended specs list, plus anything newer than those. This just seems like laziness on their part, since the GTX 680 is still a VERY powerful card and no game on earth has that listed as the bare minimum, it only makes sense that it really means that that is the oldest card that they'll bother optimizing their game for. Even a properly overclocked 590 will beat out a 680, but they're just not going to optimize for older hardware because they're either lazy, or they've blown so much budget on other things that they don't have the money to pay for the time it would take. OR, they have deadlines to meet and they don't have time to optimize everything before release, and will do this after release. But again, all my own speculation as to what seems likely. In all likelihood, Unity will still run on machines with different and older hardware, and probably weaker hardware as well. It simply won't be tightly optimized, and won't run the best that it possibly can.
  12. I also have played this game, and I dabble back in to it from time to time and I believe i'm up to around 120 hours between two playthroughs. It truly is underrated for what it is, and the difficulty is one of the biggest things i love about the game (Yes, I play a LOT of the Dark Souls series). But the game is incredibly massive in terms of characters and abilities, what with 25 characters and 5 union leaders max at one time with there being a total of 192 characters in the game plus the psychotic amount of quests, monsters, weapons, skills and items. You really do need some kind of a guide or a wiki to play this game to it's fullest, that and TONS of time. My first playthrough had to be completely abandoned because I had no idea that certain side quests (with rewards such as unique soldiers, items, and access to new areas) would just completely disappear if you played certain story missions, and I realized I had missed an immense amount of content after reading through the wiki. But with that issue out of the way, i've been loving my second playthrough and I still have a long way to go before i'm done with this game. Oh yeah, that frame tearing shit sucks. Vsync worked on my Nvidia card, but when using large mid to late game abilities or abilites with a huge blast of some kind, it would cause frame rate dips well below 30. So I just tough it out while i'm exploring, as it never happens in combat.
  13. Here's a link to all the Planetside 2 forums, which have plenty of posts about how to get started and also when we hold events such as our weekly op nights and our trainings. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forum/19-planetside-2/ Also, Training Tuesdays take place at 6 PM CST, which would be 7 PM Eastern for you. If you've got other questions, just PM me or post again here. See you on the battlefield!
  14. Well they're eventually going to start releasing a new line of GPUs, whether it be quarter 1 2015 or some time later. I am glad they're sticking with the awesome cooler shroud design from the 295X2. I just hope AMD starts ramping up their own technology advancements like Nvidia has, what with their cards now being able to run native 4k to 1080p supersampling AA, improved delta color compression, and running their flagship 980 card on only 2 6-pin power connectors (the same as my GTX670).
  15. Well last i checked both consoles had the same CPU with the Xbox having a 0.15ghz boost compared to the PS4. If it truly is a CPU based problem regarding how many AI's they have running all at once on the same screen then both of those processors are going to run nearly identically, like within a percent of each other. This actually seems like a very viable reason they would have to limit both consoles equally, since they're both having the same problem.