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  1. I'm about 12 hours in so far and I'm freaking loving the game. The game pretty much teaches you the ropes and throws a bunch of sidequests at you for the first 5-ish hours and this might turn some people off since it seems pretty slow paced. However you don't have to do the sidequests asap or at all if you don't want to. The game picks up after that pretty quickly and the huuuuge world awaits you after that. When I got to the first field after the first slow hours, I was just amazed. It is so freaking huge! I just went through the area quickly and played the story forward until I got to the point where the story was leading me off of the field. I figured to go explore it and it took me quite a while to actually go through it all and some areas I couldn't even access because I got killed (the area has around level 15 monsters, but there are the occasional level 50-80 huge monster roaming around that you shouldn't try poking or going too close to since they will whoop your ass!), but the secret areas and the sidequests kept me interested in exploring it. I bought MH4U when it was released and got bored of it around 50ish hours because I like story driven games and MH4U doesn't really have a good story. I feared this sort of an open world game with tons and tons of sidequests would be similar to it and I'd lose interest, but the story actually moves forward pretty quickly and the story is really interesting so I have nothing to fear while I go forward with it. Also I've heard that the graphics of the game are turning people off of the game. I honestly would say that the game has the best graphics out of any game on the 3DS at the moment. Sure they might be worse than the ones on the Wii edition, but the game still looks pretty damn good. I've often stopped at cliffs just to stare at the scenery since you can see soooo far when you're high up. I would totally recommend this game to anyone who has a New 3DS and likes JRPGs as this game is totally awesome.
  2. I've seen some say that Nintendo does this because it's a Japanese company and the culture in Japan is so different. It's just very weird because Sony isn't like this considering they're also a Japanese company. Anywho, I'm pretty much like everyone else on this thread: I love their stuff, but the way they handle some things is just ridiculous. Let's take Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii for example: In the US, gamestop was given exclusivity to the games and they instantly decided to cash on it by putting new copies of the game on sale as used at 80 bucks just to get more money. What does Nintendo do? They put the Shulk amiibo as gamestop exclusive. Like.. really? But yeah, I'm not going to buy any amiibos since I don't really think they're worth it at all, but I'm still going to buy games on the consoles. Why? Because most of the games I've played on the 3DS at least have been awesome. And as funny as it might sound, I don't even own a single Mario game on my Nintendo consoles since I think they're pretty boring all in all.
  3. Map completions are also useful once you're max level and you want to do stuff around the world. EotM doesn't really help with that. Liking this idea, I'll be joining if I'm at home on these days!
  4. I'd say doing dungeons. Personally when I'm grinding for some gold, I try to do Sorrow's Embrace paths 1 and 3 daily. Ascalonian Catacombs paths 1-3, Citadel of Flame path 1 and all of Crucible of Eternity's paths are also pretty easy/fast to do for some daily gold. Silverwastes chest train also gives out some decent amount of gold.
  5. 10th of March, so next Tuesday.
  6. I wasn't going to buy the outfit, but I still did. Looks pretty good!
  7. So now that the NDA has ended on the press event, we have tons of new info on the expansion's content. I figured to list some here if people haven't seen them yet. Videos: Aurora Peachy has a video up on the first story instance, it shows the first boss and how CC will be working on bosses from now on. (Also notice the player character speaking!)Bog Otter has a detailed video about masteries, for text version Dulfy has a great list of the masteries that are available in the demoMatt Visual's general overview of the demoWoodenPotatoes' general overviewJebro's video about the new PvP map Stronghold Interviews: Angry Joe's interview with Colin JohansonMatt Visual's interview with Colin JohansonBog Otter's interview with Colin JohansonAurora Peachy's interview with Colin JohansonJebro's interview with Steve Fowler, Jessica Boettiger and Izzy Cartwright at the UK press event Other info: that_shaman made a map for the new Verdant Brink map, it looks freaking huge! General things that I picked up: Revenant can't switch utility skills. The arrows indicating that only allow for you to change the order of the 3 skills. How racial skills work with this system is still unknown.Revenant has tons of combo potential as it can lay down different fields and use different finishers pretty easily. For example it can lay down a brick road that grants stability, but as it's also a lightning field, it can be used to blast swiftness to people.There are three factions within HoT: The Exalted, Itzel and Nuhoch. All these factions have their own mastery lines and seem to offer some combat challenges as well.Tough bark tearing mastery seems to be just a tickbox so if you don't have it, you can't damage some mobs. Once you have it, you simply just deal damage.All world bosses in the game will get the new defiance system. So we should expect them to get more fun with CC usage.No trait save/load template system.I'll keep editing this post as new info is shown. So did you guys notice something else that got you excited? or just something you think everyone should notice? Post it below! All in all, I think the demo has a decent amount of content and I'm still waiting for some of the videos to pop up, but I'm impressed. The only thing that's bothering me a bit is that it seems like the Revenant might not really suit my playstyle that much, but that's something I'll have to see once we actually get to use it.
  8. I've got a Kingston 16GB one and it works fine.
  9. I completely forgot to post about it here! So yeah, I bought a blue New 3DS XL on launch day and got a copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate to go with it. I've had a regular 3DS for over two years now and it was starting to be a little bit banged up so it was time to upgrade anyways. I've really liked the c-stick, it really adds to the gameplay of MH4U. Now that it's there, I'm actually thinking about going back to KH 3D just so it'd be a bit more playable. The only problem I've had with it is the super-stable 3D. For some reason I just occasionally can't focus the two images at all and I see everything double. It doesn't really feel consistent either. One day I might have no problems and the next day I can't use 3D at all because of this. All in all, a great purchase. Now just to wait for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D!
  10. I've never really cared about any of these features that'll be coming, but I guess it'll be nice for those who have been demanding them.
  11. I personally use Logitech G13 and G700. This way I can split my keys between both hands and there's no unnecessary reaching around. Also the G700 has a perfect amount of extra keys for GW2, I wouldn't want to use a Naga or G600 with GW2 since they have way too many buttons. Here's my keybinds for reference
  12. Okay so, I haven't had the chance to see everyone in game yet so I figured it would be a nice idea to show how our main characters look! I'll go first: This is my newest character, but it's also my main at the moment. I've played a Human Guardian since launch, but I wanted to make a female Sylvari one back in December when I saw how good the Carapace armor can look on it! So yeah, 51 days old with 220 hours of play time! As a bonus some pics of our Sylvari dance party after we kicked Zhaitan!
  13. As a person from the EU, I had no idea about what Gamergate was for a looong time. I heard the term in multiple videos by TotalBiscuit and others, but I never really bothered to check it. I read about it like a few weeks ago and I still really didn't understand what it was all about. After that, I basically just shrugged it off as something something happening in USA and ignored the rest of the talks about it. I'm glad we don't have that kind of drama around here.
  14. Welcome neighbor! It also took me ages to go from just watching Joe's videos to being a part of the community, but this place is pretty nice. It has something for everyone and at least I've been pleased with how things work around here.
  15. Bravely Second and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. Maybe Xenoblade Chronicles X if I get around to buying a Wii U.