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  1. To any other marines out there. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARINE! Semper Fi.
  2. So anyone seen the clubs? I think we should start one. Seems like a great way to get all of the xbone angry army together in one place. Not just specific games or forums. Just a Thought though.
  3. Can you invite my friend Dragonryu7 plz. Be just started.
  4. Done. Invite when you can.
  5. well why not. have my own guild (the knights of Nee lol) to much to do with just me an the wife. so myself and me wife will join if you dont mind. our id and frames are as follows ME: PSN: ReksRowley Frames: Excalibur, Chroma, Frost, Inaros, Loki, Mesa, Nekros, Nova Prime (can set speed and slow builds mods not fully maxed though), Nyx, Rhino, Valkyr (my fav and I can 30 min solo t2 survival with her. need more formas), and Zephyr. Wife: She is ok with the invite. PSN: LadyLictor Frames: Ash, Ember, Equinox, Frost, Loki, Mirage, Saryn, Valkyr, and is in process of saryn prime (her fav) send a psn message to me first. i need to see if i can get my materials back from my dojo
  6. I sent a few peeps from the company an invite for friends. Zombie Hobbes is gamer tag. Just in case you missed it to the left. Everyone feel free to add as Friend as well!
  7. Request sent! cant wait to try warzone!
  8. Hello everyone! A little about myself. -Real name is Brandon -I am a former U.S. Marine. -i am 26 yrs old -I am currently making my first 40k army. My wife has been playing for years (i play orks she plays Nids) -i play on all systems. I play on PC the least. -games I play. PS4-warframe, ESO, Rocket League, Helldivers, diablo 3, PvZ Guarden warfare, planetside 2, Resogun, Bloodborne, Dark souls 2. Xbone- Smite, BF4 (dont have all DLC), Titenfall(as of now I have it downloaded but have not played it), sunset overdrive, project spark. Wiiu- splatoon, smash wiiu 3ds- MH4U PC-dungeon defenders 2, starbound I have other games However I figured listing single player games would not matter. Honostly the games I am looking to play with others on are Warframe, Rocket league, Helldivers, Pvz Guarden Warfare, smite and MH4U. Looking forword to seeing ya on the battlefield!
  9. So is this still going on?