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  1. It's awesome. I rate this 2nd right behind Gears 2 which is saying a lot because I loved the original as well. I won't get into spoilers, but aside from the slow start of the 1st act the story was frickin awesome. The MP and Horde mode 3.0 is also great. If it wasn't for the lame micro-transactions (think Halo 5 ) and again what I thought was a slow start with the first act of the story this would be a 10/10 for me. So I'd give it a solid 9.
  2. My top three games of all time. ^ I imagine many of you have not even heard of this RPG masterpiece which is a shame. I advise you go on ebay and pay the crazy going price for this and play it (its also on Dreamcast). Yes it's that good. Your welcome. ^ Need I explain myself? ^ Need I explain myself?
  3. Compared to TF1 I'm not quite sure I like where this game is going based off of this tech demo. Titans feel way too squishy this time around and the game seems to have taken more of a CoD approach to how quick you die on foot and then re-spawn. I also have noticed that your Titan seems to unlock based off your performance on the ground? Maybe I'm wrong, but thats what it is seeming like which sucks. It is just a demo, but assuming this is more or less what to expect for the release... yeah idk guys. TF1 game mechanics is a lot better than this IMO.
  4. Lol. Those who watched his streams know where this review is going. First few hours he was playing he was all "WHOA THIS IS AWESOME". The next day he was all ".....so yeah this is No Mans Sky chat...." Lol I think he got bored real quick once he (like most everyone else) realized how bare bones the game is.
  5. Star Wars Galaxies. Good times.
  6. I can agree with a lot of the criticisms of the game, that said I am actually enjoying it personally. With a full group of friends I have a pretty good time. The dark zone in particular is pretty fun grouped up. To each their own though.
  7. I agree with em on the fact that it is an average game as it stands now. Hopefully with some balancing tweaks it will make it slightly above average. That said I'm liking it so far when I got my friends online. Solo the game can get boring real quick... It's a lot like Destiny in that regard.
  8. Looks frickin fantastic. Playing through DSII now. The hype is real!
  9. Crazy how this literally sums up my gaming background and current dilemma as well. The last game I can think of I can honestly say I was truly immersed in was Star Wars Galaxies and maybe Arkham Asylum. I would say most recently also Darkest Dungeon, but I haven't gotten to far into it yet. Aside from that I find myself buying game after game, but never getting far into it and struggling to find motivation to keep playing.
  10. I thought about it being "tactical" in the sense of strategically moving from trench to trench, but I'm not sure how that can work in traditional Battlefield fashion. Unless it's something like Rush as you say. That or they would basically totally revamp what we are use to expecting from a Battlefield title. Sorta like what Rainbow Six did with the recent R6 Siege.
  11. "Multiplayer tactical shooter in WW1" If they mean "tactical" by running and gunning as if it were WW2 or modern era then *facepalm*.
  12. Feel free to add me as well folks.
  13. If I had to choose now it would be Darkest Dungeon.
  14. Would be sweet if one of them was an open world Star Wars game. I'd love to see what Bethesda could do with that. ..... Yeah yeah I know. **** EA, but I can dream.
  15. Game series. What game would you say the outcomes are the same? In GoT at least depening on certain choices it totally changes the entire outcome of the game or at the very least lead to different branching paths. As for this Michonne one I'll pass... I'm waiting patently for their Batman one they announced not too long ago. I can see it already. Option 1: Save child from burning car Option 2: Tackle and restrain Joker before he has the chance to detonate a bomb in a town square. (10 second timer)