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Zero Foxtrot

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  1. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by Seirex in I swore id never post in here but...   
    Hey I'm not sure if you'll(Joe and friends) ever read this, but I don't want to create a youtube channel just to post a comment on a video....
    Hope that Joe the eye surgery goes well and the docs and fix the problem. You shouldn't be worried about the change to a RF review, you should focus on yourself. To hell with any one who thinks that a job is worth more than being able to see. I'm sure a lot of people prob said that but one more cant hurt...
    I know its agenst the rules to post to send a message to Joe but, what the hell.
  2. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Is Destiny the collection worth it?   
    The Destiny collection is like what....  ‎€60 now so I'd say yes.  There is a ton of content now as well as improvements.  It's a very different game from when Joe first reviewed it.
  3. RuneX liked a post in a topic by Zero Foxtrot in Titanfall 2 Open Beta   
    Compared to TF1 I'm not quite sure I like where this game is going based off of this tech demo. Titans feel way too squishy this time around and the game seems to have taken more of a CoD approach to how quick you die on foot and then re-spawn. I also have noticed that your Titan seems to unlock based off your performance on the ground? Maybe I'm wrong, but thats what it is seeming like which sucks.
     It is just a demo, but assuming this is more or less what to expect for the release... yeah idk guys. TF1 game mechanics is a lot better than this IMO.
  4. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by Seirex in So bored with the new recent games   
    So im not sure if im just getting older, but the new games coming out are just not fun. the last good games ive played were skyrim and oblivion. call of duty 4 had a great story and good multi-player. Ever since those games I just get bored. I played witcher 3 for about 10 minuets on my friends xbox and witcher 2 wont work on my machine so i cant judge them.  Even if the witcher is amazing thats only one new good game!
    So am i just falling out of love with gaming or are others noticing this?
  5. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by Shagger in What is your best game you ever played   
    Having being playing games for 25 years and given advancements in time, it's hard to say and pick one, so here's a short list of ones that could be (in no particular order)...
    Atari 2600

    One of my earliest experiences of a video game, combat should, in terms of modern standers should, be on of the worst. However, for such a primitive system, it offered a competitive multiplayer experience with balance and fun that allot of modern games don't match. There were so many maps and alternate craft to control you could play this game for hours, and at the time, that was new.
    Final Fantasy X

    This is a game that got me addicted in a way that it wasn't even good form me. It's visuals, it's character progression, turn based strategic combat and characters may not have been considered to be that great overall, but to me, I can't believe it's been better before or since in this franchise. It's huge, it's interesting and it's got more content than it's even aware of itself. What a game. Play this game with the expert sphere grid or forever regret.
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    Are you surprised? is there anything to even say?
    This is a legend for a damb good reason. All of your favorite open world RGS's exist because of this game. The exploration, the hidden goodies, the combat, the genius level design, the story, for 1998, this re-defined what was possible. Not a flaw in sight. You could explore Hyrule searching for the clues to the Biggoron Sword, or go fishing, as well as everything in between, either way, your time wasn't wasted. What more to say.
    The Last of Us

    This game was not the revelation that Zelda was, but it was equally impressive by taking already established ideas and doing them so much better than anyone had ever done in a uniuqe and intelligent setting. Man, what a game!
    The last of us is simply more than a game, it's an examination of our culture and how we really would fall apart in disaster. It really would take "The Last of Us",  not in population, but in humanity and morality to survive, and the game leaves the player to decide what that actually means with no guide of any guide or measuring stick. The ending the so open to interpretation, the story so engaging and the gameplay so well crafted it's a game that will be remembered forever.

    This image perfectly illiterates the perfect word to describe this game....epic!
    This is an open world with such diversity and conflict that you are engrossed and invested in every place, person and situation yo come across. If Zelda OOT created the open world game, Skyrim perfected it. It's huge, its' beautiful, it's complicated and with far better leveling and combat mechanics that it's predecessors, this is a masterpiece, no question.
    And, my most recent addiction...

    I'm just gonna link my review here to explain, but I'm now on my third play-though and I just can't get enough of this game. I loved the 2013 reboot, but this is so much better that it exposes flaws in that game I didn't even notice. It's more challenging, better looking, more dynamically controlled, more rewarding and just better than was was already one of the very best games at the time. It's that not worthy of being on a toplist of mine, then fuck knows what is.
    That's my list. it might change in five minutes, but there. If it does, it'll be with one of these...
    Honorable Mentions
    Mario 64
    Banjo Kazooie
    Dungeon Keeper
    Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2
    Magic Carpet 2
    Shadow of the Colossus
    Metal Gear Solid 2
    Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag
  6. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by StraightUpMelon in Road to BF1   
    Hey guys, I figured I should make a thread for BF1 because I have seen a few posts about it and thought that we could post about it here! Anyway, I learned a few new things about the game today thanks to LevelCap. He made a video about what BF1 did right. There is some really good info in there and I encourage you to watch it and leave your opinions below. 
  7. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Is Joe planning a full review of No Man's Sky?   
    Either he is really enjoying it or has a lot to say about it's faults and all other controversies surrounding the game atm.
    "So this has transformed into 40 minutes of pure yelling. LOL." Either he was really excited and loved the game or he hates it lol
  8. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Zero Foxtrot in Is Joe planning a full review of No Man's Sky?   
    Lol. Those who watched his streams know where this review is going.
    First few hours he was playing he was all "WHOA THIS IS AWESOME". The next day he was all ".....so yeah this is No Mans Sky chat...." Lol I think he got bored real quick once he (like most everyone else) realized how bare bones the game is.
  9. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in What ever happend to halo?   
    I have to be honest, to me, Halo died when Bungie left.

    But what do you guys think?
  10. MadDemon64 liked a post in a topic by Zero Foxtrot in Do you have a game you miss?   
    Star Wars Galaxies. Good times. 
  11. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Microsoft wants to enable XBL to cross play with PSN and Windows.   
    Make this happen please!

    The Gamespot news article
    And the announcement on XBox.com
    If I'm understanding this correct, the ball is in the court of Sony and third party publishers. I would kill to make this happen and whilst I don't see this happening overnight it's just great to see Microsoft putting this forward as a serious possibility.
  12. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by TamaskanLEM in Fable Legends is cancelled, Lionhead Studios to close   
    Oh Goddammit! I was really looking forward to this one. It would of been THE game I'd play with some of my xbone buddies thanks to that cross-platform goodness. Shit!
  13. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by Caius in The last game that awoke the sense of wonder in you?   
    dark souls, I know a lot of people play it for difficulty or something but I like it cause it has cool areas and the characters all speak in riddles making me want to find out what is going on.
  14. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Zero Foxtrot in The last game that awoke the sense of wonder in you?   
    Crazy how this literally sums up my gaming background and current dilemma as well. 
    The last game I can think of I can honestly say I was truly immersed in was Star Wars Galaxies and maybe Arkham Asylum. I would say most recently also Darkest Dungeon, but I haven't gotten to far into it yet. Aside from that I find myself buying game after game, but never getting far into it and struggling to find motivation to keep playing.
  15. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in The last game that awoke the sense of wonder in you?   
    I've been playing games since I was like 3 or 4 years old. Back then, playing almost any game was always fun and I could keep on playing all days. But as I got older, specially now, few games deliver that amount of fun. I usually uninstall 80% of my games before even finishing 50% of them.
    There is a few games I can 100% and even fewer (almost none) that I can replay 2 or more times. It feels like reaching gaming puberty (for lack of a better expression), where everything just feels dull and only few games make me have lots of fun.
    The last 2 games where I actually enjoyed every second of it, where I explored every last corner and did almost all the quests was Skyrim and then Witcher 3. I'm a fan of ES and for me Skyrim was a really good game. Yes the combat was kinda shit, but whole game in general was wonderful to me. I loved exploring it and I felt like a little kid when I did that. I smiled at fun quests, I smiled when I reached top of a mountain at a certain time of day and saw the dawn coming far behind the mountains. Few games do that for me today. I won't even comment on fully modded Skyrim...
    And as last Witcher 3 was the last game in like last 4 years since Skyrim's release to wake that sense of wonder or a childlike attitude when it comes to games. I didn't enjoy the game that much, I enjoyed it's universe and the depth of it. It wasn't about the combat for me, it was about the people that live in that world and it was about the universe that is so wonderful yet so dark and creepy. Biggest joy for me in the game was when I reached Skellige. It was like a complete other game, the sudden change of enviroment, music, people, culture, EVERYTHING! There were times I just walked or rode the horse randomly on roads and enjoyed the ambient music while watching NPCs and what they do and enjoying the sceneries. Every quest was so freaking deep and woke so many emotions. I felt like I was like 10 years old, I never enjoyed a game like that since Skyrim. I played 10h a day, for like a week before I decided it was time to calm down.
    You fellas got any games like that lately? You can say just any last game that made you feel like that. 
  16. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by Thoranzalar S. Vhazen in Battlefield 5 will be set in WWI???   
    Personally I love the idea of seeing any game at all tackle the first world war. Everyone knows it happened of course, but it's the one of two major world wars that everyone forgets about all the time mainly because it was so overshadowed by the sheer size and tragedy of the second war. WW2 basically happened because of issues caused and left unresolved from the first war after all, it fueled much of the prejudices from all sides. Most shooters that go to that era focus on WW2 because it's more "memorable" and people had cooler weapons, I don't think I've ever actually played a single game that ever revolved around the great war. It could be a wonderful change of pace if they choose to actually tell a story, while also staying historically accurate. When it comes to real wars, I love games that feel almost like documentaries at the right times.  
    Actually I miss when games like COD focused on that era in general. Now everyone's gone all modern-warfare halo future robocop soldier. 
  17. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in What's Your 2016 GOTY Prediction?   
    Dankest Dungeon 

  18. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Bethesda has three new "big and crazy" projects in the works   
    One may be a new Elder Scrolls but I'm not even sure of that considering fallout 4 was only released 4 months ago.  So I predict:
    1: A new Elder Scrolls, but not this year.
    2: Dishonored 2, which will be revealed at E3.  (This one is not a mystery though).
    3. A new IP, which will come out either Q4 2016 or Q1/2 2017.
    4. That leaves one more and honestly I have no fucking idea!  I can't think of any other gaps that Bethesda needs to fill here, could be an expansion on a existing game, a sequel, another new IP but I honestly can't guess.
  19. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by TamaskanLEM in Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2015!   
    I'm a little surprised Rainbow Six is so high on his list. Granted, I get what he's saying that with how it's not like the past games. I'm not a rainbow six fan so I don't even know. Not to mention that I'm a little annoying as well by the weapon options for each class. I just don't think all that hinders the experience of this game by a huge margin and I still believe the hate over multiplayer only shooters is silly. I can understand the hate, I just don't agree.
  20. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by Beatmaster A.C. in Bethesda teases F4 DLC on twitter   
    wow, what a surprise. Cut out content from the main game during development, that will be avaiable later for extra money? Gee, guess no one saw that coming.

  21. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by Samurai Rabbit in Why Darkest Dungeon Is The Bollocks! (PC Review)   
    Hi AJSA!
    Hope you all had an awesome Christmas and New Year
    Let's kick off my shameless self promotion for the year with why I think Darkest Dungeon is The Bollocks:

    Any of you peeps had a look at this game yet? What do you think of it so far?
  22. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by Shagger in STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT - New Game or Overpriced BF4 DLC?   
    Welcome to the AJSA.
    On topic, I would actually say neither. If they had packaged the BF4 game mechanics and scale into a Star Wars themed experience I think we would have had a better game than what we're actually getting. BF4 as just the standerd game has more weapons, vehicles, maps and a single player campaign. Both are, of course, made by Dice using thier frostbite engine, but that doesn't mean that's it going to be that much like Battlefield 4. Battlefield 4 had a disastrous launch, but that aside it was actully a good game, that more than what we can expect from Battlefront I'm afraid.
  23. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by Demonbane775 in Fallout 4: Info that you might find useful.   
    I do still feel like it needs to be brought up, however small the gripes. Thank god Bethesda goes out of it's way to actively support modders. 
    However, that doesn't make this stuff less of an issue. Bethesda needs to stop relying on modders to fix their games for them. 
  24. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by Chumbry42 in Halo 5 Angry Review   
    I wouldnt't know about the younger crowd as I almost never go into game chat. I just use party chat and play with fellow AJSA members. Problem avoided before it even happened.
  25. Zero Foxtrot liked a post in a topic by Beatmaster A.C. in EA Battlefront Season Pass Angry Rant!   
    to all the Soldiers here who wonder why Joe buys a copy of this game anyway is because he can Review it. If he wouldn't buy it. A shitstorm will happen about "complaining and hating the game that he never bought or played" Almost every Reviewer, Magazines and Online Portals have to buy a copy to make Reviews.
    Battlefront is an epic fail from the get go. only 4 Planets, 12 Maps, only 2 fractions, only a handful of Weapons, uncontrollable AT ATs, no Space Battles, no SP Campaign, no Conquest Mode, no In-Game voice Chat, no community Servers, No LAN Mode, mods are forbidden...
    But hey, it will have several DLCs, Season Pass, Premium Edition, Bugs, Day-One Bullshit, Pre-Order Bullshit,...just like Bugfield Hardline and Bugfield 4.