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  1. I'm referring to Text-Based Roleplays, those you'd see in RP Forums.
  2. So I have to ask... Was Roleplaying ever a thing here/considered as an option? Just wondering, as I'm quite the RPer myself, not boasting, just saying I do it frequently.
  3. You know, I'm really glad I got Destiny: The Taken King, rather than waiting to get Vanilla Destiny. Because I am thoroughly enjoying myself with the game and I somewhat doubt I would be liking it as much if I played the original. It's just...awesome! (Still wondering how to get Stormcaller for my Warlock. XP) Oryx is damn cool, the Taken are interesting, hell the previous expansions and even the main story I quite like! Probably because once that's done, I can go straight to the Dark Below and House of Wolves, then Taken King. All the while fighting Taken in their random appearances. Or Fallen. XD But in the end, it's just so fun and even quite empowering! ...when I'm not being Precision Killed by an enemy Guardian in the Crucible, but I love it regardless. Just one thing...is there a Clan available for me to join?
  4. And there's the kicker....a Role-Playing Game where I can't go "Let's motherfucking roleplay!" and do it like Yahtzee in New Vegas...I'm disappointed and I wasn't even hyped up for the game. :/ And I can't stand bad voice acting, so I won't be touching the Male Character, that is if I get the game. I have no problem with the Gameplay and Combat of Fallout, for it is good in 3 and New Vegas and I can only imagine it's better in Fallout 4....but....ahhh...I don't think I have the desire to play it. And that's a damn shame, because borrowing from Mass Effect or Dragon Age could have worked! It really could have! But if they fuck it up this much, they may as well have left it purely Fallout and Bethesda in general inspired. If I had to choose between Fallout 4 and Black Ops III...I'd pick Black Ops III. And that is saying something.
  5. Ahhh, that should be good. Heard of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare but never got around to playing it. Heard it was gory too. XD
  6. Soooo...Kotaku did a bad by publishing leaks and they're complaining about being blacklisted, while also needlessly blacklisting Boogie2988... While Konami needlessly blacklisted Jim Fucking Sterling Son and Destructoid because they called out their bullshit and miscommunication, along with them becoming a total shithead of a company later down the line... One of these things is not like the other, but at the same time, they kinda are. :/
  7. Ahhh, most excellent! I am quite the Tea consumer myself~ (I'm British, what did you expect? XD) I bid you welcome to the AJSA!
  8. Hmm... I would most definitely have to say Devil May Cry 2...it is absolutely abominable and i makes DmC: Devil May Cry look like a fucking masterpiece! Sluggish, slow combat, uninteresting story, Dante is just...wow, character assassination at its finest, the Demons are okay I guess but I wish I could pronounce their names! Also, Guns are faaaaaaar too powerful and are a quick and easy alternative to using your swords, which are both the same. Rebellion and whatever-the-hell-fake-buster-sword have the exact same moves, not even a visual effect/Devil Trigger difference like Force Edge/Alastor. And it's so dark and muddy looking...ugh. Fuck this game. Other than that, I haven't played all that many bad games.
  9. .....well then. I'm clearly uneducated. XD
  10. 8008......I don't get it. Also: Fail. XD
  11. ...*Sigh* EA never learn, do they? :/
  12. An interesting decision...considering most play CoD for Multiplayer, but at least it's still there...I just hope it's good....maybe. I don't really play CoD that much anyway, not my Cup of Tea.
  13. Oh joy...an Angry Birds movie, based off of the Mobile Game in the Market that is practically a Bubble waiting to Pop. I can't waaaaiiit...... Ugh. There are SO many other games they could make Movies of...this is not worthy. FNaF is more worthy....then again, Practical Effects. *Gasm* XD
  14. I honestly couldn't care less what they do with the same Modern Military Shooter over and over again. But what I do care about is a First Person/Third Person Shooter with an interesting premise, a universe ripe for exploration and great character potential having its story squandered or barely even there. Titanfall, Evolve and now Star Wars: Battlefront. I know the very latter didn't focus on story beforehand, but it doesn't mean they shouldn't have tried! And Rainbow Six: Siege having no story is....it's heartbreaking, really. They've always had fun stories, like ArisingFlame said, but now....just, no. Not touching it with a Ten-Foot Pole. I miss when games like Bioshock, Spec-Ops: The Line, the older CoD games, Metro etcetera, had great stories in many forms! Hell, I was more invested in the Gears of War series than Battlefield: Hardline. And Gears of War was mainly a lot of Burly Men in Body Armour chainsawing Aliens with ridiculous guns, which is a lot of fun. XD Oh well, at least we still have RPGs and other Genres that have great stories.
  15. That title though. XD Personally, didn't expect this game collection to be mentioned here on the Angry Army, but I'm not complaining. :3 I suppose this is our KH Game for 2016, with KH3 in 2017 potentially.