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  1. Just like the title says. I used to play LoL a lot back in, oh, 2011? I left it because my team disbanded and I wasn't keen on dealing with the hyper-competitive atmosphere without one. I mean, you couldn't even set foot in a game as a level 30 without try-harding as a full team, and even then, it only took one dumbass... So, anyway. I can only dream of the new content that's bene revealed in the last four years. Is it worth it to come back? Or will I drop right into a bucket of pain?
  2. Gents. Ladies. I've always followed the big, angry guy. Always wanted to dig into this community, but never got around to it. You know, life, kids, work, Vault of Glass and Crota raids, Battlestar Galactica reruns - I'm sure you all can empathize. But, here I am at long last. Does this make me an Angry-ite now? An Angryison? An Angryian? The devil do we call ourselves, anyways? Good to meet all of you in advance, in any case. I split my time between my MMOs (until I get burned out), my obligatory PS4 titles, my family, my Steam games library... That's normal, right? I mean, they're autonomous (mostly). They can feed and clothe themselves. Better than my family, anyway.
  3. Gentlemen. I'm currently sinking my teeth into Warframe. It's remniscent of Destiny, but there's a certain charm here... Something about being an intergalactic ninja and not part of a cheese B-rated action movie. If this is still a thing, go ahead and send me an invite! PSN_ID: FF_Ninja