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  1. PSN ID: xObranx Currently playing on PS4: Mass Effect: Andromeda; Persona 5; Nioh; Killzone Looking forward to playing: Destiny 2; God of War; HZD DLC Frozen Wilds; Kingdom Hearts 3 I play on multiple platforms, so my games are spread across all of them. Started with the Xbox One division and moved on from there. Been in the AJSA for about 2 years now, happy to be on PSN.
  2. Hoping it's good, been a while since a good rts came out
  3. Some good ones coming out soon - not sure what platforms you have available but FF XV and The Last Guardian are both out by the end of the year, and from the reveals and game play I've seen of FF XV it looks like one that will help fill the void TW3 left behind. It could never fill the hole, just hope to cover it up...TW3 was too awesome of a game for something else to feel better. I wish I could delete my memory of that game and play it over again.
  4. Now I hear they may be adding to the season pass - I wonder what they are even thinking of putting in? More loot boxes..?
  5. I'm downloading it now, went with digital so I can try out the play anywhere. Plus, Microsoft store had a $10 coupon so it was basically the same as Amazon physical copy (like 2 dollar more expense but get two copies). I'll be looking to play some versus and hoard this weekend, so i'll hit you up if you want.
  6. I quit Destiny after the 'expansion' pack content was released, since the season pass didn't cover all the expansions I wasn't going to shell out more cash to continue the everlasting grind. From what I've read about Rise of Iron is that it is slightly more focused on story, but the campaign is roughly 2-3 hours long...2-3 hours? Once you're done with that you're essentially playing through a re-skinned area and fighting re-skinned enemies. Though, the expansion did come with a new raid so I'm sure that is the lure for most people. To answer your question, if you've never played destiny and want to experience it - this is the best time to do so as the content will be at its cheapest. Playing through it is fun and the combat is very satisfying, that's why most people play it, for the combat. However, if you get through the 'story' mode and start getting into raiding be prepared to grind at the totem pole of rng.
  7. How's the campaign so far Rune? I saw you online playing it
  8. After what I've seen tonight, and the details surrounding the UE, it just doesn't seem worth the $50 price tag for the season pass. What do you get? 24 maps - that you can only use in private settings, and a 'testing' service for the upcoming maps...doesn't seem worth $50 to me. I could see spending it if they allowed you to host ranked matches like they did with GoW1, and then use those maps that you paid for the season pass with. However, only being able to use them in private or offline modes, and nothing else, just seems sort of pointless. No doubt, I'll get GoW4, and will love to play with AJSA, but I am going to pass on the four day head start. Those that did get it - Have fun! The live streams I've seen tonight look pretty cool. See you next weekend when the game fully launches.
  9. I'll most likely be getting the UE, going to watch the launch live stream tonight then decide (or maybe win one haha, yea right), but if I do I'll be on all weekend for some gears action. Maybe try and get campaign on insane done, who knows. Going with digital so I can try the play anywhere stuff.
  10. So FF XV got delayed. Sucks? Doesn't suck? I just want to play the damn thing after 10 years, I know two more months isn't that big a deal, but damn it, still sucks. In the long run I'd rather have the game in a better state when it launches but as long as the delay fixes any issues that cause it to be delayed. I don't want to see a huge day one patch, with game crashes and all that crap.
  11. You can usually get discounted Gold Live and PSN+ on amazon at a discount, I usually pick up years for $40 whenever they are on sale. Why not save $20
  12. Red Dead Redemption just went backwards compatible if you haven't played that yet, then you should check it out.
  13. I read that this beta should be considered an alpha, devs don't want people to think this is the file state of the game. I've played a little bit of it, and it is mostly good, some quality of life things they can add in and would make it better. Believe they are giving exclusives to players that get to level 20 before the end of the beta so if anyone wants to team up for a few matches let me know.
  14. If you still need help with this particular part I will lend a hand. Send me a message via XBL GT: lxl Obran lxl - I know this part sucks so I can understand hah