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  1. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Vredesmod in What are you listening to right now or play the f***ing guitar?   
    I'm listening to Blind Guardians epic album Nightfall in Middle-Earth from 1998.

  2. Blurmania53 liked a post in a topic by Vredesmod in Greetings and salutations   
    My name is Jens Hedberg and i was  contacted and recruited by blurmania 53 on the gamereactor site.
    He explained what the SJSA is and i liked the idea so i joined without hesitation.
    I am 28 years old, works with IT and have a passion for video games.
    This goes back to the early 90's when i first played games like megaman, Zelda, super mario, doom, quake, duke nukem, red alert and so on.
    Besides video games i really like warhammer 40k, comics, books, movies and tv-series and heavy metal music in all its forms.
    I am a aware of Angry Joe, and have been following him on youtube for a while. didn't no of the angry army .

    When i comes to  gaming i'm a xbox player first.
    Online i play games like Battlefield 4, Diablo III, Halo mcc, Gears of War, Mortal Kombat and so on.
    And of course i like playing co-op with people to. I'm not knew to gaming communitys played very much clanbase matches in cod,cod2,cod4 on pc but never been a part of something like this on console. So i feel proud of being apart of this gaming community.