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  1. Invitation request sent! Your move AJSA....
  2. I was a little disapointed by Chris Robert's office....expected something a little bigger.
  3. Yah that sounds better. That way we can hire our own PMC Bounty Hunters for legitimate contracts, and we can look to our Black Ops squads for underground activities.
  4. Love the idea. Nice and simple to understand while remaining versatile. One thing that I would change is the Black Ops wing seems to encompass a fairly large chunk of the possibilities - Bounty Hunting, Smuggling, Pirating, Other elicit activites - Would maybe be nice to see an additional "Problem Solution Management" Wing for the Pirates/smugglers/slavers who may be in charge of going after opposing Bounty hunters/Orgs/other random enemies. Then leave Black Ops for our Bounty Hunters / saboteurs for the more UEE acceptable activities. Just an idea.
  5. Im just happy that we had an announcement about it. I was tired of getting home every day hopeful that i JUST MIGHT get a crack at the DFM....
  6. It is time for a change. I agree wholeheartedly that Joe (among others) should not be relying solely on Youtube for his paycheque. This is because Youtube is currently BROKEN and is only getting worse. It seems like the time is coming to break away from Youtube and to pursue other methods of delivery. I would definitely support some form of Kickstarter to create a new network for the Content Providing community. Something that could potentially deliver constant 1080 content quickly and easily, all from my favorite informative gamers. Considering the current success of the AJSA I think that something like this could really happen. The amount of money Joe/Biscuit/Crendor/Others have saved me on crappy games alone is enough to justify this, just watching them play the game helps me make my decisions and I believe that they deserve to be paid to do this. If Youtube wants a war....Let's give 'em one.
  7. There has been an update to the Organizations post. Turns out this will just be the first organization we can join, and we will be able to branch out afterwards.
  8. I would like to see an AJSA presence as soon as possible once the official Organizations module is launched. Until it launches there isn't to much that we can expect to accomplish on that end. But it would be nice to see some votes in place as to what kind of Organizations we should be considering on an official level.
  9. If any assistance is required just let me know. This needs to happen.
  10. PMC would fit the ranking system in the AJSA well. Someone should get a Commander working on this As a side note.....When dogfighting releases, anyone wanna vs me and my 325A?
  11. My vote goes for PMC.
  12. Looks like fun
  13. This game is coming fast. And the scope is previously unheard of. I hope that we are prepared.
  14. Hello, Couple answers for ya, hope they help. 1) Yes. You can check out some of the other threads in this forum such as http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/83-list-your-ships-lets-see-how-big-our-armada-is/ this shows the amount of interest in the game, and it's still early. Official squadrons will probably be formed after the dogfighting module but likely only when there is interest in doing so. Could be as late as beta for all I know but it will happen eventually. 2) I would recommend Freelancer if you can find a copy of it. Plays great with mouse and keyboard. It was designed years ago by Chris Roberts (the guy making Star Citizen) so it will give you an idea of his design style. 3) It has been confirmed that the game will not likely come to console. So I would not expect full controller support right out of the box. In time I'm sure a mod will be released however I would not count on it. You will probably be best off trying the mouse and keyboard to see if it works for you, and possibly start saving up for a flightstick/joystick if you can. This game is supposed to be about immersion so I would recommend it. Personally I am waiting until they release some sort of "Official" preferred setup for the final game and get something like that. Hope these answers help, as a sidenote: Cool choice of ship if your into heavy dogfighting