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    Vancouver Island
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    Watching the antics and rage of AJ & OJ, Scrubs, anime, Sony Vegas, making videos for my YouTube channel,
    My favorite games:
    Planetside 2
    Saints Row 4
    Left 4 Dead 2
    Warhammer 40K Space Marine
    Nazi Zombie Army

    TL;DR killing shit and blowing shit up, while being immersed in a good story.
  1. >Be Nintendo >Expect the levels children make to be exciting enough to make you money pleb/10
  2. Guarantee this is only happening because Satoru Iwata isn't around anymore... ;n; Greedy fucks!
  3. Haha yeah. Saw the video Rich did on that. Keem is too much a thick-skulled shit-eater to admit his hypocrisy. It's quite sad tbh.
  4. As a result of the infamous drama junkie not checking the facts of a story that was given to him, Keemstar ended up making an old man who streams Runescape cry. All because he couldn't be fucked to check facts on a serious story... Just.. For fuck sake.. He needs to go away... You'll never believe how the old man eventually took it. Aspects of this video will disgust you (because Keem.) as well as make you smile. May it be more of the latter.
  5. Ludicrous smearing of #GamerGate goes on and gets even more ridiculous, I discuss League For Gamers, as well as Tim Schafer's biggest fuck ups over the last 2 years.
  6. It seems like every single year, education erodes more and more. If this kind of shit keeps happening, the earth will be inhabited by the stupid :| Which means Corporate Commander will have an army of the mindless and all the cash he could ever want.
  7. Thanks man. I'm just glad I was able to record stuff before it got me. and I've got some pretty awesome shit from WWE 16
  8. Shortly after uploading this, my cough was worse, breathing shallow. :|
  9. Dank beats Light -- and nothing can escape the gravitational pull of memes.
  10. The time being spent on Crotch Dawgs 2 and remastering the old AC games... That's probably why they're scheduling this new pile of horse shit for 2017. No extra effort will be going into the -new- AC game. The time that should will likely go into remastering.
  11. Best parts for me: BB8's thumbs up (d'awwwwww) R2D2 shut down because Luke left (too many feels) Allllllll the easter eggs *cough* hiding in the MF's floor The scene between Chewy and the nurse my biggest gripes: The fact that the scene with Luke and Rei was 20 FUCKING SECONDS. Way too elongated. The guy who played Ben Solo/ Kylo Ren was HORRIBLY cast. Looked nothing like Han or Leia. Broke the believability of him being their son.
  12. It truly pains me to add another 'game news' site to the list of censoring slimeballs, but it appears I must. They fucked up in a big, ironic way.
  13. ....... Pretty much. And kids get in trouble for playing with imaginary guns. ALPHA <3