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  • Birthday 10/27/1988

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    Gaming in general. Everything from TCGs to RTS to FPS, even paper and pencil.
  1. The lack of Savage Worlds representation is saddening.
  2. Summoner Name: ElBoob Region: North America Areas: Ranked, unranked and ARAM I mostly play mid and ADC but can play all roles. My best(in descending order) are below: ADC Mid Jungle Support Top My favorite champ is Veigar and I've been playing since the beta.
  3. My only plan in the game is to try and create the Mamarian Trade Empire. If I can do this, then the game will be a success.
  4. Summoner Name: ElBoob Rank: Silver II LeveL: 30 Hours: 1317 normal wins, you do the math.
  5. How can I pass it up? This could easily be the edge I need to set up the Mamarian Trade Empire.
  6. Ahri, not because she is OP but instead because she is just my personal Kryptonite. I mean... She's mobile, has CC, sustain, true damage, damage over time, burst damage, high ratios, and can increase her damage just by laning a skill shot. All on low cooldowns. Can you say 'overloaded kit'?
  7. Like it? I made it for an old forum and it's kinda stuck with me since.
  8. Hello, I'm ElBoob. I also use the names MultiBoob and Corrupted_Toaster. While I play anything, I mostly play LoL these days. Look forward to having some awesome conversations with you guys( and gals).
  9. Summoner Name: ElBoob Region: North America Areas: Ranked, Unranked and ARAM I main ADC and mid, but can play role. My roles are(in descending order form best to worst). Mid ADC Jungle Support Top
  10. I started playing LoL during the beta(early enough for UFO COrki, but not King Rammus)., been playing steady ever since. I started playing LoL because I disliked HoN(worst community ever) and no one played Age of Myths anymore. My favorite champ is Veigar, but I've been trying to get gold before the season ends so I've been playing the absolute hell out of Jinx.