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  1. R3dSn0w liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Ps4 needs a multiplayer focused shooter   
    What about Splatoon, that's not shoot to kill. I know it's not on PS4, but that's also true of most of the other "100s upon 100s" if shooters you're talking about.
  2. WeLiVeR liked a post in a topic by R3dSn0w in Black ops 3   
    Well for me I only want Black Ops 3 for the story. The beta pretty much only consist of the multiplayer aspect which I have absolutely no interest in because of their new movement system. Innovation they said; I have yet to find it.
  3. R3dSn0w liked a post in a topic by Aaron Lannister in Don't give Activision and Bungie anymore of your money   
    Not to mention they completely cut corners on things like a Good LFG system and also Text Chat and or a good Social System over-all to interact with others.
  4. SuperiorKunivas liked a post in a topic by R3dSn0w in Don't give Activision and Bungie anymore of your money   
    First off, I would have to agree with Kunivas in regards to the falling in Deaf Ears part. For the past couple of years there have been numerous players who constantly bought games that developers didn't put their all into. It's as if it was done half-way or they were half-stepping, no passion. (Call of Duty as an example). Despite that, there are SOME consumers, and I emphasize on some because not everyone fall publishers & developers scheme. We still take it upon ourselves to buy their product and play them. Then, at the end of the day complain, when we clearly knew that we weren't going to like it and it wasn't good. Now that isn't always the case.
    Your listing isn't bad at all, even though some of those titles I don't really have much interest for. It's just me. The only one I'm actually semi-hyped for is Until Dawn. The reason being is it's a freaking damn legit horror title. We're in this phase now with movies where there HAS to be a gigantic form of Paranormal events that takes place in order for the viewers to be 'entertained'. So when Supermassive brought this to the table I was highly intrigued. Going back to the olden days when you could actually SEE the killer(s) and it actually defines 'Thriller & Horror'. Yes, more than likely there might be some paranormal events inside the game but it doesn't define the game.