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  1. Just finished this game last night. Holy crap, what a game. Definitely a reason to get a 3DS
  2. I just used puush while having the screenshot up in Steam, so I ended up submitting the pics as links
  3. Why not the first one? 8D Yeah the game is pretty good for customization. There's even a Cthulhu mask floating around somewhere. I saw one guy customized a mask to look like Iron Man. Also nice Soul Eater avatar
  4. Merry Christmas, Angry Army! Hope you've all had a really swell holiday week so far My friends on Payday 2 poke fun at me sometimes for making some truly horrible and tacky masks, and I figured we could do a Christmas sweater type thing and share pics of terrible/awesome masks we've made. Here I present my worst one: And my favourite one: Anyone else have any masks they want to share?
  5. Probably one of my favourite f2p games of all time
  6. It's not like a lot of new games that hold your hand; you actually have to figure out a lot of stuff on your own in this game. Awesome sense of accomplishment
  7. Thanks! I felt I took far too long to get into the series, but better late than never I guess x3 I know my recommendation is really without much context in terms of the series as a whole, but the game has still been very fun and enjoyable. I'd say this is one of the main reasons to pick up a 3DS, won't be sorry
  8. It might be too early for me to start posting about this since I haven't finished the game yet, but after putting in hours and hours I think I can safely say that this is a great entry into the Zelda series (and a good first entry for me, being a Zelda virgin). [spoiler-Free] Both the 3D effect and the music are very impressive and the gameplay mechanics are both balanced and enjoyable. Very early in the game you can choose to rent every equipment item for a very low price and explore more advanced dungeons earlier, netting greater rewards. However, if you die the merchant will take back any rented items and you'll have to pay the rental fee again to get them back. It's great motivation to take caution and not rush through particularly tricky spots. For a much higher fee you can outright purchase the items so you don't have to worry about losing them, but you'll need to save up a ton of rupees to own even a few items. The new mechanic where you can transform yourself into a painting on a flat wall makes for some surprisingly deep gameplay; secret rooms can sometimes be found by squeezing through tiny slits in the walls and quicker to get over a pit or gap by flattening yourself against a wall and trotting over. The ability and all of the items depend on an energy bar that depletes quickly and regenerates slowly, so some care is needed; you may use your bow & arrow to take out enemies and have to quickly get to a moving platform by becoming a painting, but you'll fall to your death if you don't have enough energy to transition over. You have to constantly be aware of your situational limits, otherwise you'll suffer for it. The combat and other gameplay mechanics are very smooth and easy to get into, delegating all of the inventory control through the touch-screen, with some simple shortcuts to efficiently swap gear to use. I can't comment yet on the complete scope of the realm you play in or make any decisive conclusions on the characters since I haven't finished the game. There are a ton of points I could bring up, but they'd be major spoilers. Highly recommend checking this game out for the 3DS. I may not be done, but as I mentioned I've already sunk hours and hours into it and I still have some big quests to take care of that'll take just as long to complete. Anyone else currently playing this game? Anyone thinking of picking it up?
  9. I'd have to say Aliens: Colonial Marines. It was a massive disappointment and I found it difficult to play with the terrible AI. The release date of that game made for a very sad day in my gaming career. Utter disaster
  10. I'm pretty ashamed of my list, but here are mine: -Last of Us -GTA V -Amnesia: The Dark Descent -Fallout 3/New Vegas -Elder Scrolls Oblivion/Skyrim
  11. I don't know, personally the whole thing between 1080p and 720 is just a number-wank. I'm okay with games only running 720. Hell, I prefer watching movies on 720 anyway
  12. That's deep D: But in all seriousness, I find the two games to be different in a lot of respects. You have a lot more freedom, less obligation to hang out with other characters, but can still do so if you please. The gameplay is varied by the different characters, each with their own stats (that can be improved by driving, shooting, etc) and their own abilities. The combat is a bit tighter as well, and the whole police system has been improved. I'd say at the very least it's a vast upgrade to GTA IV
  13. Wow this is a perfect thread for me. I came on here because tonight at midnight I'm waiting in line with the Xbox One buyers and picking up a new Triforce 3DS XL...and this will be the first Nintendo system I have personally owned since Gameboy Color xP I am going through the list for recommendations, but I'd like to expand on that: Anyone have any good recommendations or favourite Nintendo DS games they'd like to share? I'd like to go back to games I missed like Super Mario 64 DS and any good ones I missed
  14. Personally I think it's a terrific game that knows how to scratch that heist-fantasy itch some gamers have; you feel like you're knocking off a bank as SWAT teams swarm on you, cooperating with your friends and blowing faces off while sprinting with bags full of cash and jewels. Their updates and special events have been pretty fun too; they have a new Armored Transport heist variation available for download tomorrow (those of you that pre-ordered the game will get it, presidential masks, new weapons and patterns for free). I know I'll be doing a lot of heisting tomorrow if anyone wants to play
  15. I'd say "Yes" to a server...if anyone can figure out how to host one that works; Googled it and tried many times, still couldn't host a server properly x.x"