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  1. Too late for me to wait until his review (already installing the game), but his opinions are always interesting.
  2. I really can't wait till December.
  3. Just wait till you see the ending of Halo 5. You'll either laugh or roll your eyes.
  4. Until you try to play Arkham Knight
  5. Okay I just went ahead with the xbone. Thanks guys
  6. I have no friends.
  7. Never mind found it on Youtube lol
  8. You see I don't want to wait a month, maybe two then regret my choice.
  9. Well yeah it's a real life thing. But it's not war footage or any of that messed up shit. I'll go find it see what you guys think, as a fan of everything Occult I got a shiver up my spine.
  10. I wonder if I can post stuff from liveleak. I saw a video of what is apparently some guy being possessed.
  11. Well you see I'm not an MGS fan so I might be bias when I say this. But go for Fallout 4. I dunno go play Witcher 3 again or something while you wait
  12. Sorry but I want to sleep tonight. I'll post something in the morning. Also 9 hells await the first person to post a jump scare.
  13. So what you're saying is, get an xbox now THEN get the PS4 in the post xmas sales? You see this is why I hate console exclusivity but I'm sure that argument is a dead horse. Thanks for making it a little easier for me to decide.