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  1. After the ESO beta I knew the game just wasn't going to be worth it for me. I played in some of the first Wildstar betas too and it was such a dull game but I got a free beta weekend code for last weeks beta and figured I'd see what's been up with the game. Wow, totally turn around for me. Had a good amount of fun and while who knows what might happen in the long term it hooked me enough that now I think it's worth the pre-order.
  2. Been playing Smite for a while and recently start playing more since the offical launch. Would certainly like to try playing with the community. IGN: Nezbel
  3. Always been interested in the game but it does seem like something you do need a regular group for to have the most fun.
  4. Sent a reques to Farimere but haven't gotten a response yet.
  5. I must have not performed enough blood sacrfices to Khaine because wow were my rolls bad. Still had fun and looking forward to the next round... minus one Dark Elf.
  6. Been hoping this game would make. Glad to have pleadged and looking forward to a great game!
  7. Alpha is finally working for meand have been playing for the last couple of days. Lot of pontential in the game I think though right now it just has a very strong MtG feel to it. I would like to have it differe a little more.
  8. I have been toying with checking back on it. I played it in the past but got tried of it after a while. I hear that a lot has been added and changed.
  9. Jotaro Kujo, get your hands out of your pockets already!Hah, love it. I'd almost prefer if they ported it (probably won't) to just subtitle it. I mean, what's the English equivalent to yelling "Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora!"?
  10. Hahaha, yeah certainly feels that way but I've always wanted to give them a try.
  11. Just another reason why I haven't bought any games from EA since ME3. They just have a long history of this that at some point you have to just say you've had enough of them or consent to their practices and continue to buy games they have messed up from studios they unfortunately run into the ground.
  12. Been playing since Beta off and on and would like to get back into it now that it's been released. Maybe start a new character in the new league. If anyone is interested feel free to catch me on steam Ravenminded
  13. Was my post missed?
  14. Don't really know how any micro-transactions in this game would help you as the only thing you can purchase really are more storage space, pets, dance animations or effects. My only issue with it would be that while it's a very tightly designed game it does feel after a bit that I'm just playing a very well polished up version of a game I've played a lot before. There is certainly a lot of nice changes compared to other dungeon crawler sort of games but over all has that same sort of feel.
  15. What version of CoC are you playing SapeMies? I haven't played CoC in years and was wondering if they have updated it lately, though the last version I can see if the 2011 30th Anniversary Edition but I know there is also a d20 version of the game, never played it with d20 rules though.