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  1. Used to be the duelist before they nerfed the blender build, now it's all about the marauder.
  2. Well that sucks, I'm on Maguuma (rank 5) and a couple buddies who didn't play with me back in the day are on different servers, so no price reduction for them
  3. I stopped playing Dark Souls months ago so DSII would be as much of a challenge as possible. After beating Demon Souls and jumping right into Dark Souls, the game wasn't nearly as challenging for me, add in the new tweaks to mobs and it should be great, two more hours to go until launch!
  4. The fact that there isn't a singleplayer for Titalfall is the reason i'll be waiting for a price decrease, I can't bring myself to buy half a game for full price.
  5. Haven't even bothered with it, I already know i'll hate it.
  6. I got the "meh" feeling as well. The game feels hollow and there is a ton of balancing issues that need to be fixed. The rounds are to short, the wall running is one of the most unrealistic things i've seen in an FPS, the guns have little recoil (literally none if you add a silencer) and the pilots run around way to fast for the size of the maps. I really wanted to support Respawn Entertainment because I loved CoD 4 and MW2, but $60 for a multiplayer only arcade shooter is asking a lot. Voted $35.
  7. I haven't used the QBZ, but the P90 is pretty good though it's not the best and the M249 is my favorite LMG.
  8. 5am - 6pm? Anyway, I'm usually on after work ~12AM PST and I usually play on my days off MON / TUE.
  9. What exactly are you stuck on in Dark Souls? Also, welcome aboard!
  10. Same, the game crashes maybe once every 5 games and it's always during the loading screen, I have no other complaints.
  11. Great sword of Artorias is not good at all, the other sword of Artorias you get from the DLC (Abyss greatsword) is much better and has a pretty mean moveset.
  12. Commander Shepard simply because I have never been sucked into a series harder then Mass Effect. What EA/Bioware did to him in the end was utter shit and I like to pretend the game ended when you got shot by the ship.
  13. I know they're to be implemented soon, but the game really should have had more essentials like night vision, gps, binoculars and so on and so forth. I'm honestly more excited for the completed version of this game then I am for most games coming in 2014.
  14. It's a tie between Brink and Shaun White Snowboarding. I paid full retail price for both after friends told me both games would be good, they were wrong.
  15. If you're playing on hard it's because they limit the amount of items and ammo you get. I found myself without ammo for a large part of the story, which made the game hard as hell.