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  1. Personaly i dont like musicals (whell maybe Moulin Rouge only bcs its somewhat interesting and they sing nice too compare to other high scooll musicals ... )
  2. i just dont like the idea to surrender. i dont give up easily, so i wont give up when i play a game for fun. sometimes i am blown away how good players are there comparing to me. and sometimes i just like to kick back and have fun no mater win or loose. i like to see the game to the end and chat with players. but usualy they are so silent and do not say a word. anyway, respect to players who will not quit in any situation, and a little respect to thos who will compleate the game in theyr head and calculate probable ending scenario. good luck guys!
  3. exactly...
  4. whell at least i know that im not the only one who does that!
  5. in 5v5 i know that there need to be 4 voting yes to surrender, or maybe smthin changed and wait, there is ontion to play solo??? i mean i know tha there was playing with computer, but that didnt give any exp... and actualy the other reason why i dont want to surrender is because, when my team is pwning the other teem ( i mean literaly beating the shit aut of them ) i love that feeling, and that is the time when i ( im pretty new to game (newbie if u prefer) ) am able to score more kills more eficiently so if enemy is clearly wining than i hope they have the same feeling and i know what is that like
  6. Hey guys, just a quick question. Do you surrender if there is no way you could win? Personaly i never surrender, if i lose i lose with honor :D (and also i think that enemy team gets more exp if they beat us instead of us surrendering!?) after all it is just a game.. also i always honor other players if they are truly great players (even enemy tems). i mostly play with humor and do not care if i win or lose, bcs it is just a game right? what is your opinion on the topic? also i havent playe for a very long while
  7. that is my goal!!! captain of all captains :D aaahh, thats great
  8. il try to do my best here! B4 wont play, because i really totally suck in online FPS :D tried beta, killed one poor guy who was sleeping and recovering health behind store shelfs and after that died a cupple of hudred times and stoped playing but good luck you all!
  9. nothing can withstand our might!!!