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Everything posted by tarascon

  1. Though there are "Introduce Yourself" threads in the general fora, I thought it might be good to repeat our Hellos here on the NA fora so GW2 players can post their alts (and mention who their Main might be). For a new member, like myself, trying to figure out Who's Who, this would be helpful. You don't have to be from NA specifically to post here. 1. Mimsy Borrogrove - Asura Engineer & Main (Gotta love the profession) @ 80 2. Hengest Fatedriven - Norn Ranger @ 80 3. Yggdrasil Roote - Sylvari Thief @ 80 4. Ras Tafarin - Asura Elementalist 5. Vorpal Blayd - Asura Necromancer @ 80 6. Cu Hulainn - Asura Revenant PS All male. Except I'm not sure about the Asura; not sure what they are. ;p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B2a6l6wM2k Warning: Cheesy video link. ;p
  2. Update. I think I finally figured out the problem; in the Story Journal I had to open the HoT tab and actually check off the Prologue tab which allows me to start that series. It's sort of annoying that nothing I read bothered to mention that simple fact.
  3. I've spent considerable time reading anything discussed after Oct. 23rd (and a lot of the earlier Beta discussions) that I could find online about the new HoT Mastery system but found nothing regarding my specific issue. I've also watched YouTube walkthroughs and help uploads... same. I understand that HoT is a work in progress and therefore any information may still be forthcoming if more people have the same problem. I've chatted with Treeps and Xio and though they were both patient and friendly, we couldn't figure out what was up. So I submitted a ticket about 20 minutes ago; in the event I hear nothing back I thought I'd toss this out here and see what folks posted. I do not rule out the concept that I may just be an idiot. Here's the deal: I am not able to unlock either Heart of Maguuma nor Central Tyria. Since all my current points are assigned to CT, I don't really expect HoM to unlock yet. My understanding is that CT is the default area and that, in order of skill sets, I need to get glider skills, then IItzel Lore, and then Exalted. < That's my bona fides to show I actually have spent time learning the HoT ropes. I have the Deluxe Edition of HoT. My Engineer completed the level 80 Personal Story and filled up the Mastery bar (635K out of 635K) and has 11 Mastery Points. I've gone to the areas that the pop-up window says I need to go to in order to train a skill (Orr, Ascalon,etc). Nothing works. I even attempted to begin Prologue: Rally to Maguuma because right under the Locked Masteries it says to start "Torn From the Skies" and that will unlock the Mastery skills but could not find Tactician Elke anywhere in Red Rock Bastion. That may be a bug--I don't know. I do know that I got my ass handed to me in a sling because a series of events kept happening there while I searched high and low for the Tech. Below is a screenshot of my Mastery Panel as it is at this moment so you all can see that my bar is complete and that I have 11 points for Central Tyria as well as see exactly what I am looking at when I open the panel. Any ideas?
  4. ... meanwhile, 500 quarters later...
  5. Here's an idea: sell the game for 25 cents with the option to re-buy upon one's demise.
  6. The "Is Glen Really Dead" chatter reminds of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_is_dead Is Glen the Walrus?
  7. Inna word: nope. But I do think a zombie apocalypse might solve the world's problems.
  8. Pro: That HoT came out within 6 weeks after I'd started playing so I get to learn the new at the same time I learn the old. Con: That the learning curve has gotten so steep that I'm sliding downhill faster than a greased marble.
  9. Post a photo of yourselves to put a face to a name.
  10. ^ New alts since OP
  11. Mimsy Borrogrove - Engineer Hengest Fatedriven - Ranger Yggdrasil Roote - Thief Vorpal Blayd - Necromancer Ras Tafarin - Elementalist Cu Hulainn (& friend) - Revenant
  12. 5:30 AM. Been installing for an hour and am at 40%. Time to go read at the local coffee shop. See you all on the "new" Tyria!!
  13. I had no idea. All I can say is... wow! I'm exited. Probably a good thing I'm so new to GW2 in general 'cuz with this expansion I can learn from the ground floor. Hopefully.
  14. First, I'd like to say that if a similar thread exists, let me know and I'll delete this one. I checked around some and found nothing. Ty. Simple rule. Randomly mash your keyboard to create a series of letters and the next poster makes a sentence out of it. No numbers--only alphabet. Example: I mash ngsrcos and the next poster writes "No great secret reveals cause of source." Or whichever semi-sensical string of words you can make. Here's the first one >>> vnsdo
  15. Jaunty urbanite explores regions highly suspicious. >> fosid
  16. ^ What Crazycrab said... If this one gets messed up the franchise will have to retire.
  17. Will try to make it. I'm leaving Monday and am not sure if I'll have the time on Sunday. As a new(ish) player, I'm not sure what I can contribute. But I'd like to be there if only to learn more about the game and our guild.
  18. An older game, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth is available on Steam.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZNdetx2mGo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoBWvw8q-L4
  20. Just watched it. Been a Total War player since TW Shogun (Mongol Invasion). Am looking forward to this. My least fav of the series: Alexander... and the sadly broken Rome II.
  21. Relax........ Joe's not gonna hurt ya.......... he just wan't's to make you feel good........ he's got Popsicle's........ and some candy......... Indeed.
  22. I say into the F.E.V. with him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zF6etSiAyI
  23. Thanks for that great OP, ChronoAtog! You put a lot of work into it and it's gonna save a lot of grief for the players who are fortunate enough to find it. In my case, I found most of the nfo online because, to tell the truth, I didn't even know what a parked core was until yesterday and therefore didn't know what to look for in these fora. I finally learned about this by searching for a better fps playing GW2 and wish I'd found this thread earlier. It would've saved me a lot of detective work. I thought the so-called "lag" issue was either server-based and/or on my end; I have a dual core Vista, run on FiOS, and have a decent graphic card (ADM Radeon HD 5570--though old it's still sufficient for other MMO's I've played) and that puzzled me. My system's a bit of a dinosaur but still serviceable. Also, I understand that GW2 runs on older DX... But none of that really explained why the fps was sometimes crappy. For example, the game ran just fine if I avoided certain places like the Black Citadel but yesterday my first alt made 80 and I tried doing a Fractal run and couldn't even get through a door without hitting the wall instead. Fail. I am lolling through my tears. Anyhow, the point is that I tried Coder Bag and it worked. Again, thank you (and the other posters here) for taking the time to help us out.
  24. >> This post doesn't really address the OP's question about the latest episode--except indirectly. I like this new series for three reasons: 1) Having first had the shit scared out of me in 1970 when I watched Night of the Flesh Eaters (aka "Living Dead") at a drive-in, I'm always grateful to watch a well made zombie film or series. 2) The story telling and production values of WD, and now FtWD, sends a strong signal out to all the wannabe Romero's and hopefully will raise the ante on any future film projects featuring zombies... in other words, most undead films are crap and shows like this will force the genre to evolve. And 3) Trying to catch sight of places in Los Angeles that I recognize is a fun perk of watching this series.
  25. What is his function? From the little I've seen of D, he mostly just sits there unless directly prompted by AJ to speak up.