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Everything posted by dragon2013

  1. Hello, hope to see you on the gaming field!!
  2. Hey fellow AJSA memebers. Today there is a update for smite. Its around 6 gb and will introduce the new god. It will also bring new odyssey items and quest. Visit the smite website to see full patch notes and new info about the great new items that are now added. As always happy gaming.
  3. Hi there. Welcome and everyone is glad to have you. I'm a smite player and usually play it daily when I'm not in class or working but I'm always looking for someone to play with. I play casually for fun but can be competitive if the need comes, but honestly win or lose it doesn't matter as long as we have a good time. My GT is Uncagedleaf0932. Looking foward to some fun matches and again welcome.
  4. Scylla could use the buff as early game she couldn't really stand against some newer mages in lane like raijin. her clear wasn't that efficient compared to his.
  5. Anybody wants to play Black ops 2? I'm not the best at the Gane but we can play for the fun of it
  6. Yeah mkx was not as good as mk9 but I still enjoyed it. Also anytime you want to play Yu-Gi-Oh feel free to challenge me. My gt is uncagedleaf0932. But I play on xbox
  7. Does anyone play these. I'm not the best at them but I like to play for fun. And I'm always looking to improve
  8. If anyone wants to play Yu-Gi-Oh millenium duels with me on xbox 360 just send me an invite whenever
  9. If anyone wants to play Yu-Gi-Oh I'm usually on just message me whenever you want to play
  10. I love anime. Naruto and Yu-Gi-Oh being being my favorites. Looking foward to seeing everyone online
  11. Im new and i really enjoy watching the angry Joe show... it's awesome. Looking foward to playing with eveyone. Love Call of Duty and DragonBall z, Naruto and Yu-Gi-Oh! I'm always looking to improve and have a great time. Happy to meet everyone
  12. I have my 360 still. I play black ops and black ops 2. Yu-Gi-Oh, dragon Ball z, Naruto, halo and a couple of more he's so we can play anytime. Game tag is UncagedLeaf0932