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  1. I've taken everything everyone has said into consideration. I was going to join it since Joe has had a lot of success while under maker partnership, but after looking at all the shady things i've found out about the company and what they really do. I declined their offer they gave me to partner with them. Instead I partnered with Freedom Network which is a great network that helps you grow, has little requirements and even has a no lock in contract so you can leave whenever you want for whatever reason you have or no reason at all without fear of penalties at all. the guy that founded TGN left and created Freedom Network and right now Freedom is ranked higher than TGN i believe, if not it's still in the top 10 networks right now. But thank you guys for giving me that much needed information about Maker Studios.
  2. Hey everyone, I have been making video game reviews and anime videos for a long time now and have become a youtube partner for almost a year. I recently saw maker studios might be interested in me when I received an email from them. I really want my youtube channel darkstylezvideo to become at least somewhat successful so I am thinking about it, but I have been hearing both good and bad things about them. I am wondering if anyone with REAL FACTS can help me with my decision. Joe if your reading this, PLEASE let me know your thoughts as well. It would mean a ton to me because your one of the people that helped inspire me not to give up on doing what I do.