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    Las vegas
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    My interests are Drawing, Photo shop, Video games, Cars, Drifting, Racing, Drag, Street Racing type of things. I'm also interested in Creating designs and building things.
  1. Angry Joe came out with a new Video, a Let's play. It's some warish type of game, really funny, and highly entertaining. Hope you guy enjoy the video as I did.
  2. Angry Joe beanies for the winter??
  3. Out of ALL of angry Joe videos, doesn't have to be a game review or let's play specific, but also movie reviews, which is your favorate video by Angry Joe..? (Doesn't have to be funny) Mine is Angry Joes Angry Review on Ride To Hell. That has officially been the most entertaining Yet HILARIOUS video/ Review he has ever made in MY opinion. Every time I'm in a bad mood, or I'm feeling sick and I'm in pain, I watch that video every time. I hope it isn't weird to watch the video over and over again.
  4. Thanks man, i'll give it a shot.
  5. Hey. yesterday i drew some Angry joe pictures, and i don't know how to post them. I really want to post them to show you guys, and hopefully, Angry joe himself sees it, so yeah. Again, i need some advise on how to post these pictures. THANK YOU !
  6. I mean it can't be THAT bad right..? I mean, there's not gonna be a cliche moment every cutscene... At least i hope not.
  7. Thanks man... I really appreciate it. I hope this story is better than others.
  8. Dude, i find it really annoying how these story modes are all the same. :Guy points a gun at enemy, takes 3000 years- - just to pull the damn trigger, then someone- - hops in and saves the g*d damn day... I don't need these in these story modes,- - esspesialy in my favorite fighting games. I don't even mean to complain or anything,- - but i don't wanna see this crap anymore. I've at least had to run into 14 diff stories- - that are all the same, and i love to play story before i hop into any other modes. Seriously.. They need a non-cliche story. Something i've never seen before, and so far, i am YET to see a story unlike others. Please guys, if you know some good games with great story modes, please let me know, because this stuff is driving, me CRAZY!!!! :blink: :blink:
  9. Welcome man! If you love Angry joe, your gonna love his website. Hopefully you like it around here. And i hope i see you again! Welcomet o the ~Angry Joe Show Army!
  10. I'm a huge fan of accessories, and I was thinking maybe they should make Angry Joe Lanyards.. Or Angry Joe Key chains. That would be really cool, and I would buy them all.
  11. Angry joe Custom Xbox and Playstation Controllers.. $50-$85. That would be really nice just to even HOLD. Also Xbox One and Playstation 4 Controllers~ Up to $85-$100. I would work Extra hard to get the Xbox 360,- - and Playstation 4 controllers. (They would come in Black, Red, White, Black and red, and or Red and White,- - Or maybe just all three colors in the stock section.) Or you can design your own colors onto your controller. I don't know, that's just a thought that came into my head and i've decided to share it with you all. ~ ANGRY ARMY
  12. It would be really cool if they made Angry Joe bracelets. And I would buy every single one.
  13. Angry joe's new video just came out 18 hours ago... And i can't wait to watch it !