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  1. Randy liked a post in a topic by AngryPanda in Funny game related pics   
  2. Randy liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Angry joe plays Company Of Heroes 2: British Forces-   
    Hehehehehehe!  A Texan doing a British Accent!  Priceless!

  3. Randy liked a post in a topic by DeadOrb1t in Angry Joe Beanies?   
    Now that would be awesome!
  4. Randy liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in Nintendo copyright claims Joe's Mario party 10 video.   
  5. Randy liked a post in a topic by Velocirapter in Quick question..   
    Same here that review was the best.
  6. Randy liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in I need help posting Fan art.   
    No problem, let me know if you have more questions about it.
  7. Randy liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in I need help posting Fan art.   
    If they're on your computer, you can upload them on imgur.com, copy the BBC Code and paste it in the text box for your post in the Fan Art Section of the forums.
  8. Randy liked a post in a topic by Lightning in All these video games stories are cliche as hell...   
    Try The Witcher 3 OP, great story driven game worth every penny. It has no guns in it too. Though, there is one little part where Geralt is betrayed? By some dude and hes like "kill the Witcher" and monologues for a bit while the whole time a guard in the back couldve shot a crossbow bolt into Geralts head. Then good guys swoop in and save Geralt. Dont know if that would piss you off, ah, you might not even get to that dont worry about it lol.
  9. Randy liked a post in a topic by SuperiorKunivas in Angry Joe Lanyards..?   
    In all seriousness, any kind of Angry Joe accessory would be pretty cool.
  10. Randy liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in AngryJoe Xbox/Playstation Custom Controllers?   
    Maybe not controllers but controller decals maybe?

    Yeah I would totally have that!
  11. Crazycrab liked a post in a topic by Randy in AngryJoe Xbox/Playstation Custom Controllers?   
    Angry joe Custom  Xbox and Playstation Controllers.. $50-$85. That would be really nice just to even HOLD. 
    Also Xbox One and Playstation 4 Controllers~ Up to $85-$100. I would work Extra hard to get the Xbox 360,-
    - and Playstation 4 controllers. (They would come in Black, Red, White, Black and red, and or Red and White,-
    - Or maybe just all three colors in the stock section.) Or you can design your own colors onto your controller.
    I don't know, that's just a thought that came 
    into my head and i've decided to share it 
    with you all.     ~ ANGRY ARMY  
  12. Randy liked a post in a topic by Draconic25 in Angry joe bracelets??   
    I don't usually wear bracelets but I'd totally buy one anyway.
  13. Randy liked a post in a topic by VirexGaming in Angry joe bracelets??   
    I'd definitely buy one.
  14. Randy liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Introduce yourself. ✊   
    Welcome, we hope that you enjoy your time here.
  15. Randy liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Introduce yourself. ✊   
    Welcome to the AJSA.
  16. Randy liked a post in a topic by Ancient in Introduce yourself. ✊   
    Hope i see you around!
  17. Randy liked a post in a topic by Shagger in What's games do you play..?   
    Moving this to general discussion as it's not really an introduction thread.
    I play all sorts. Always liked RPGS and action a venture games in the vain of Tomb Raider the most. Been getting more into shooters since I got my XB1, but I still reek if noob at them.
  18. Randy liked a post in a topic by MadDemon64 in Monopoly Fallout Edition   
    Monopoly is getting a Fallout Edition.
    Anybody get the feeling that Bethesda is tryig to temper our hype for Fallout 4 and prevent us from having the most unrealistic of expectations (despite the fact that we have seen that we can do a whole bunch of sh*t we never thought possible in all of the trailers) by giving us other Fallout related stuff to keep us preoccupied.
    First there was Fallout Shelter.  Then Fallout Funko POP! and Mystery Minis.  Now Fallout Monopoly.  What's next, Fallout Trivial Persuit?  Actually that sounds kinda cool.
  19. Randy liked a post in a topic by =AJSA= Gamers in New Donation from Meester Yoda   
    Hi Meester Yoda, Thank you for your donation of 40.00 USD. Every single donation we get helps keep The [AJSA] running and constantly improving! We will put your donation to good use towards our site, severs and community costs!
  20. Randy liked a post in a topic by DoctorEvil in What's Going On?   
    Welcome!  We have people playing games on both consoles and in most of those MMOs you mention, hope you join us in-game!
  21. Guest
    Guest liked a post in a topic by Randy in Introduce yourself. ✊   
    I love the Angry Army.
  22. Randy liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Hello Everyone :)   
    Welcome to the AJSA. Don't worry, we don't discriminate here against members of the LGBT community or any other reason. We're here because we're gamers. No more, no less.
    Speaking of which, we do support Guild Wars 2 here with official guilds for EU and NA. Check out the Guild Wars sub forum for all the info.
    There's a whole load of other games supported on PC as well you should have a look at.
    The Xbox One is also supported with regular events across a number of games. As well as a forum moderator, I'm also a member of the Xbox staff and can help with any questions you may have. There is, of course, a sub forum for XBox one as well.
    Hope to see you in game.
  23. Randy liked a post in a topic by Shagger in STFU!!!!   
    That annoys me to no end, I hate it when games do that.
  24. Randy liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Limited Time: EA Access Members can download Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC for free   
    Given the fact this game is older than Titanfall, they should be giving that shit away for free anyway.
  25. Randy liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Xbox One AJSA Mailing List Sign Up Thread   
    Please note that there is a new message system sign up thread and amnesty up and you can find that here.
    Hello AJSA Members.
    Welcome to the sign up thread for the XBL Update messages for XBox One. These are regular messages sent out to keep the community informed about the latest event info and other stuff going on within the AJSA community on the XBox One.
    If you do wish to receive them, please comment with your forum handle and Gamertag below. Example;
    Forum Handle                    Gamertag
    Shagger                              ShaggerAJSA
    If you ever change you Gamertag, please let me know so I can update your info.
    If you wish to not receive these updates any more, please message me either here on on XBL
    Other than that, any feedback or suggestions are welcome.
    Current list of Recipients
    (Updated 4/29/16)
    BigBurnzzz                                 10
    ElvinRWBY                                20
    G308 Ares                        
    Going The Dist                 
    HELLFIRE V1                  
    IM SO BAWSome
    jayacmilan420                            30
    Jaysons Rage                                                      
    johny1203                                  _
    KIN6 NOTHIN6                 
    Kiwi Dragn 
    lxl Obran lx                              40
    MasterChief 466                   
    MS06S Red Comet
    Native Shnit                                
    NewtMeisterJ                         50              
    StraightUpMelon                      60
    Th3whit3lion                          _
    The Static C                           
    Tomagavk47                             70
    Vamp 165                                
    xIma SMOKERx                   
    Xx FrAnCh xX                           80