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  • Birthday 07/02/1991

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    castlegar B.C.
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    gaming, geology, music, movies, biking, ,starting snowball fights with people.
  1. psn: snow_man-17 only have killzone for now
  2. not having EA working on it would be awesome and having another better developer work on it. just EA has been really sucking lately
  3. the sequel is called area 51 black site
  4. love that game the second game sucked though but would love a remake or a rerelease on ps4 and xbone
  5. ya conkers, diddy kong racing, wave race, banjo kazooie. second question, WHY NINTENDO WHY!!!!!!!
  6. star wars 1313 and republic commando 2...another conkers
  7. bayonetta 2 if for other than wii u
  8. for your answer look at EA and activision with the same game EVERY YEAR
  9. what no may?
  10. eureka, transporter movies, girls bravo, desert punk, adventures of Jackie chan and star wars clone wars...well there goes my life for awhile.
  11. Mario bros, mortal kombat, yup the memories and some of the newer ones aswell some blow but others are decent
  12. elfen lied ending clanned OVA and one of the gundam endings cant remember which one though girl with red hair dies
  13. youtube now = titanic...JUMP FROM THE SINKING SHIP
  14. just finished persona 4 golden (really like it) and going to get 5 when it come out ...in Canada hopefully not to long
  15. ReviewTechUSA JonTron Show Game Grumps Egoraptor SSohpkc thecampingtree thesandyravage Zoomingames fpsrussia (haven't seen a new video in a while?)