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  1. Except that Call of Duty 1 and 2 are good games!
  2. PlayClaw. Yes. PlayClaw. I was a hardcore-dedicated-diehard for Dxtory, but PlayClaw made me a believer. I really like it and have had NO problems at ALL. This is the first video I made with it. http://youtu.be/dfDqHnHjk_0
  3. Please allow me to extend my condolences, but to also say this: I have both of my parents but all the years of being an expat and even the years as a kid - I can say only that I have a Mother and a Father. It's sad to say that I don't look at them for help and advice, and generally feel as though I'm alone to make my own decisions in life. Cherish and appreciate what you had. A lot of people (like me) won't know what it is like to have such nice memories. Don't forget who he was and don't pity him. Treat him like a man, an adult, worthy of respect. I think you know how to go about this. But, please, don't forget the happiness you've been blessed to have experienced and be sure to communicate everything you feel you need to so that when the day comes, you can send him off with a salute instead of thoughts of regret. We're all with you, man. Cheers.
  4. I find this interesting and I'd like to ask where this personal experience comes from? I ask only because my 3 years of Russian life was in Siberia in the city of Omsk and this is nowhere to be seen on the streets. As for weather - it's Siberia, what do you expect? You can find the same weather in Northern Wisconsin.
  5. This is very a misleading video. Not only do Americans have drug addicts, but Americans just do a much better job hiding their faults while pretending to be the police of the world. I have lived in Russia for 3 years without any incident or problems. I'm a Wisconsin native and I've traveled all over the United States in my time. I can tell you without any hesitation or doubt, that the United States has plenty of their own problems to worry about before casting any stones.
  6. Per my Steam statistics: Killing Floor - 472 hours Left 4 Dead - 256 hours Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 - 210 hours Battlefiend Bad Company 2 - 120 hours Darkest Hour Europe 44-45 - 108 hours
  7. Delta Force owned my life from 1998 to 2005. I mostly played Delta Force 2. I was heavily involved in the A&D scene and was on The Dead Presidents Squad ~{D*P}~. Good times.
  8. I am in Omsk and I bought the European version of Wings of Liberty a few years ago, however the game has become unlocked for Heart of the Swarm. You actually should be able to change your language to anything you want in the language setting. You'll exit the game and then the downloading client will download the languages. Please check the language tab and you should see both "Text Language" and "Audio Language". Anyway you seem to speak English, so even if it is in Russian it shouldn't matter. I play Battlefield 4 in Russian, don't see the issues here.
  9. Let's see... oh yeah. "I'll just mine for 5 more minutes. OMG found diamonds, sweet! Alright, cool, just 5 more minutes. DUDE! CAVE! Alright I'll explore this cave real quick and then I'm getting my ass to bed, shit's 4AM and I gotta be to work. O-M-F-G more diamonds, damn I'm on a roll! Well shit, I need to take a shower and get to work now!"
  10. Jet lag is when you travel between very different time zones. For your body, it feels only like 10PM at night, when it is actually about 5AM in the morning in the place you are now. He is saying to be careful so that you're still able function when you get to where you're going.
  11. Totally worth buying - especially if you are in that "Ghosts or BF4" mode. I have both. I have 60 minutes of Ghosts and logged 13 crashes. I have hours in BF4 and not a single crash. Plus, it's fun!
  12. Sorry, Munch. I don't have any advice, but your profile picture made me laugh my ass off. Well played.
  13. Live it up and sleep on the plane. I pulled an all-nighter and got plenty of sleep on my flight from New York to Moscow. Enjoy!
  14. Add pedophiles, rapists, and armed robbery to that list for me. Or maybe just put the armed robbers in a camp where they can work it off.
  15. Oh Capitalism, how grand it is.