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    Hi all and if you're seeing this then welcome to my profile :) I love video games, they heleped through high school when I was bullied, they provide a huge amount of fun and I'd like to share my experience with all of you! My favorite games are startegy and rpg's. Currently I'm playing sc2 with the goal of getting really good at it :D That's gonna take a while so wish me luck ^^ Love you all!

    gl hf :)

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  1. Sup! Welcome to The AJSA!
  2. Your macro doesn't matter We host these events to have fun not to play all out seriously Nobody cares how good/bad you are if you wanna have fun come and join us. It's all up to you and your skill level is not an issue.
  3. Yeah that's part of the reason I never really got into them in the first place. Well if you wanna play starcraft feel free to pm me, I'll gladly help if I can
  4. Don't worry about it ^^ Nobody has any problems with a new player, we all were noobs at some point and some still are
  5. Nice Alas I wasn't really around sc during the glory days of brood war but at least I'm here now We hold sc2 events every Saturday at 7 pm GMT. Feel free to join, we now also have a starcraft 2 ajsa team as well Feel free to message anyone of us if you wanna play and improve, i'm sure we can all find a time suitable for everybody
  6. Yeah the times are very hard to arrange to suit everybody, we'll see if we can make them more friendly for everybody
  7. Hi and congratulations on your first post! Hope you enjoy the community You wouldn't happen to be interested in a little game called Starcraft now would you?
  8. the first of many many tournaments to come!
  9. Ok now we need and I do say NEED The Joe Angry Hunt. Political intrigue of the game (!): with which power will you stand with and which will you destroy as you must make a difficult choice. Will you ally yourself with the once prosperous and peace loving kingdom that now turned drunk wih pride and power known as Konami, or will you play the Game of Thrones by trying to learn wheter the promises to do better by it's people are real or are they just a bunch of fakes in the lands known for they're exquisite wine in the kingdom of Ubisoft. The hero must venture forward to the snowy lands of Blizzard all the way across the content to meet the traditionalists like the closed of Empire of Nintendo and the corrupt but EA. With whom will you side adventurer? The game begins now!
  10. Welcome!
  11. The force is strong with this one Probably the old republic MMO, my friend has tried to get me into it
  12. Hello fellow AJSA members I need your help. specifically from the French speaking community (again). I am a university student with my course being English-French. I have some questions that I need answered as a part of the survey. I would really appreciate your help with this This is not the first time I ask for help at the ajsa. I apologize for posting another one of these surveys but I believe this one to be the last. One person answering it would be enough ^^ Thank you again for your help Enquete sur la discrimination Vous etes un home ou femme? Quel age avez-vous? Quel est votre métier? Questionnaire: Quand je vous dis <<immigration>>, a quoi pensez-vous? Sur ce sujet, vous etes plutot: indifferent sensible ou peu sensible Etes-vous vous-meme descendant(e) d’immigres? Pouvez-vous me raconteur l’histoire de votre famille en quelques mots? Que pensez-vous de cette affirmation: <<l’immigrattion en France est souvent liee au racism et a la discrimination>>? Etes-vous d’accord? Que signifie <<discrimination>> pour vous? Ou pensez-vous que la discrimination est la plus presente dans la societe? A votre avis, qui sont les personnes les plus touches par la discrimination? Avez-vous, vous-meme, ete victim ou temoin d’une situation de discrimination? Si oui, laquelle, dans quelles circonstances? Comment avez-vous reagi? Selon vous, que faut-il faire pour diminuer la discrimination? Les medias parlent-ils de ce sujet: pas assez souvent souvent trop souvent Que pensez-vous de l’attitude du gouvernement francais face a cette problematique?
  13. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/13-the-ajsa-teamspeak-video-tutorial-instructions/
  14. Thank you very much good sir I really appreciate it ^^ Edit: Would love if anybody else completed the questions I just need two more people ^^
  15. Hello fellow AJSA members I need your help. specifically from the French speaking community. I am a university student with my course being English-French. I have 10 questions that I need answered as a part of the survey. I would really appreciate your help with this 1. Quelle est votre opinion sur l'écologie? 2. Quelles sont les choses que vous recycler? 3. Que pensez-vous sont les meilleurs moyens d'arrêter la pollution? 4. Conduisez-vous une voiture écologique? 5. Quelles sont vos opinions sur les voitures électriques? 6. Que les grandes villes peuvent faire pour améliorer leur qualité de l'air? 7. Faut-il faire du développement des sources d'énergie renouvelables une priorité économique? 8. Qui devrait payer pour les coûts associés à l'énergie renouvelable? 9. Pensez-vous que la surpopulation est un problème environnemental important? 10. Êtes-vous préoccupés par le réchauffement de la planète? Thank you for your time ^^