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  1. It's fake most likely , this picture explains some stuff this
  2. Until the community stops buying the newer games, CoD will never stop, BO3 was a major success for Activision and now they are sticking the CoD 4 remaster with the new Infinity Warfare. This corporate move means that Activision will make the devs remaster other classic CoD's in the future and put them in the Legacy Edition's.
  3. Hello, i know it's a weird question but i didn't really like the depressing atmosphere of 3 and New Vegas looks too old for me, after seeing some videos and AJ's review apparently F4's atmosphere is much more alive and bright and it's also getting official mod support on steam, should i get it or just stick with Skyrim? Thank you for the response comrades!
  4. Best software for streaming is OBS, it allows custom customization. Best software for recording is Nvidia Shadowplay, my settings is set on recommended and it records with 720p60fps.
  5. Well, let them keep posting the same crap, they are the ones losing time and energy , let's just laugh and play a game on any platform
  6. Can't believe people are not sick of this "PC Master Race" , or the console wars, i only have a PC but i'm planning to get both X1 and PS4. Fanboyism, where one platform has to lose to prove themselves right, is a blight on gaming. Remember these wise words!
  7. May i join the guild? @The_MadGeek EDIT: I received the invite already
  8. Can you guys please explain what TPP is all about? What are the consequences?!
  9. Windows 10 is basically windows 8 with few improvements, it's not worth it mate, and even if its free upgrade now you'll need to pay money to update it
  10. No micro transaction for a EA game? Hmmm......for now maybe but you just wait for a special update to be released after the game release
  11. If you read Batman comics than this game won't tell you something you don't know, overall the Arkham franchise was created for non comic book readers (for them to know a bit more about Batman) as for us comic book readers it doesn't bring anything new and the identity of the Arkham Knight is so disappointing. My advice if you still want to play them buy all of them on a sale (on steam the first 3 games are very cheap) , arkham knight still hasn't been re released yet but it's price will drop definitely on steam. Same advice for the XONE.
  12. Arkham Knight on Mac? LOL, even though the game is broken and was locked at 30fps on PC, Mac can't handle the system requirements cause it has the power of a chicken when it comes to gaming.
  13. There's a program called Afterburner from Msi, you can check, it even has some tutorials on youtube
  14. They better fix the game soon and re-release it on steam. Batman Arkham Knight is the failure of 2015 and an insult for us Batman fans. I'm planning to buy the game on the winter sale just for the sake of finishing the Arkham franchise.
  15. Started playing Smite since it's launched on steam, enjoying the game, it will be more enjoyable with AJSA. IGN - TMadGeek