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  1. I might been inactive for a while, but PS2 is still one most active part of the AJSA so I think the main question at hand is why exactly is this the last ever operation? It makes no sense.
  2. Hey everyone, Am down and aveiable on Sunday, best day for me and properly for everyone else, It have to be ealier than previous events though to gareentee nobody has to leave due to RL in the following week.
  3. Properly. I would say around about same time we get together for a sunday event, which be around 8-9PM GMT which I guess be around 12-1PM In America.
  4. If you're considering becoming a game officer, first thing you do is imagine in you're head how much time and dedication you will need for it to run smoothly, then double that then it be pretty much acurate to the real thing. I wish the best of luck for any new potential game officers, if you belive your game can make it then go for it.
  5. MoVe would you mind if we find a sub for you on Sunday?
  6. Tournament teams have already been formed a week ago am afraid.
  7. Hmm, I am glad I've made this post now. Saturday I am not 100% certain, but there a pretty high chance of me attending. Meeting a RL friend and he a genuine gamer and one of our newest AJSA members, if everyone else is fine for Sat then I can pull a few strings.
  8. Friday? I will be free that day, if we can't then I am free Sunday.
  9. An excellent idea.
  10. Certainly, what your IGN i'll put you on the list, see amongst the list for members to team up with.
  11. I've added you to the sign ups, everyone who participating will be on that list.
  12. What your ingame name?
  13. First and foremost, I am pleased to see how many are interested in this 3 vs 3 tournament, it's quiet overwhelming, it has been in the works for some time, a lot has asked for one, many have been interested so when the time came to get the wagon moving, the goal was get 24 sign ups for a 8 team contest. After that capped was reached myself, Ago and Seph had a officers meeting and confirmed it and thus the article announcing it was made. I've seen since then, many more people interested in signing up, I read article and I relised that the prelude sign ups was not mentioned, an error in my part, as far as everyone else is concerned, the sign ups for that same tournament are very well still ongoing. I have not been on as much as I've liked and wanted too, RL and work has left me feeling drained and tired to log on unless it's the weekend, I've replied to some posts on the forums saying the signs ups has been completed for some time, but after speaking to a few members, I see no reason why we can't increase the team cap should anyone be interested. I will try to find everyone who shown interest since and add you all to another sign up list, I have plenty of work to do and I am sorry for any inconvenience or miscommunication it may have been, I will also be unlocking the sign up page. LordMagus
  14. Am afraid the sign ups were completed some time ago, a little mis communication has not helped and I am sorry for the inconvenience, we have got plans for another bigger tournament in the future (perhaps more near than we think) so do not get dis encouraged.
  15. I am afraid the sign ups had been completed for quiet some time, however I admit the article on main page is a little misleading (am still learning >.<). I would encourage you keep at it though, we do want a bigger tournament should the current one succeed, so go for it and keep on gaming.