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  1. Hey all! Just started playing, like a few hours ago, and the game seems nice, but even after the first round it was clear to me that to really enjoy it, one needs a team. So I would like to join my fellow AJSA brethren and give my all to conquering the skies!
  2. I expected something MUCH worse. Don't know what, but worse, for sure. Its a nightmare, yeah, but there could be worse, and the movie will be bad anyway, so... I don't really know what I want to say about this
  3. Okay, I changed what I wrote first, because it was a reaction to something that to me, felt like a pretty clear insult. So, instead of my witty insult, let me just say, that yes, I made a mistake by not contacting an Admin. I admit that. But this fact does not give you any right, to speak to me in a way you just did. Atleast that's what I think.
  4. I felt a bit ashamed, with my AJSA tag, on an AJSA server seeing people quitting because the rules are not enforced. They came there to have fun in a no EX server, then were killed by rockets. Bad reputation. They are never going to touch our servers again... did that sound dirty to everyone else, or just me?
  5. Okay, after watching all 3 of our servers playing Ghost Town, today I finally saw that the Op Lock No Ex server was booming with life. And you know what? Half of the players used RPGs and Grenades. So, either get some kind of a script to enforce the rules, or get more Admins. It was a mess. Or maybe change it back to a normal, ruleless server. Also, we have 3 damn servers. 3! I find it funny, at best, that most of the time there is noone on them. And I do look for players in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night. So either the AJSA members stopped playing BF 4, for the last few weeks, or they play somewhere else.
  6. I'd like to join the EU team. I can be free at the time for like 2 hours, 3 at max, but no Teamspeak for me (parents waking up next day at around 4am, and I kinda want to let them sleep). If that's not a problem, then count me in. If it is, then I'm okay being just an extra, in case someone does not show up.
  7. In BioWare games I always end up being good. I don't want to hurt, mislead, or simply just use then throw away the characters that are on my team. Even in The Old Republic I became a Revanite, could not be full Sith In other RPGs... I can get a little bit evil And in the Witcher case: full neutral. As much as you can be, because to me, and in the lore as well, Witchers are neutral. So for me, Geralt is a badass mothaf*er, who takes no sh*t from anyone, and his first question is: "What's in it for me?"
  8. You know what the best part of Sup vs Bat is? The fact, that they still refuse to copy what Disney/Marvel did. WHY? It is simple. Just watch those movies, copy them with their characters and then sit back and enjoy the cashflow. It really makes me mad, that they don't even want to copy a perfectly fine recipe. Crazy! NOW, they want to innovate? When it is already way past of being amuzingly funny and it is just simply sad that they can't make their heroes work on the big screen.
  9. Would be nice, but there waaaay too many issues that would arise. Being specifically asked by a developer to participate in an open beta would be more enough for me (maybe with some added extra content for AJSA members )
  10. One of the most influential sci-fi series in my life. I LOVE IT. I watched it on TV, then I watched every time they did a rerun, then both it on DVD and watched it over and over again. Not every year, but 2-3 years I watch it again. It is insanely awesome and I can't recommend it enough. P.S.: Anyone who fell in love with Ivanova please raise your hand. Raises hand. Both hands. And legs. And starts jumping. And has to put an image of Ivanova on to his desktop.
  11. The first thing that came to my mind after reading this news was: "damn, why can't I get the cool jobs?" Playing MMOs day and night for the usual pay they give to an NSA agent seems like something I could do. Joking aside, yeah. I think this situation is very similar to the publishers vs pirates fight. Whenever someone wants to fight the criminals they end up hurting the legit buyers/citizens/etc much more. I don't know what would I rather choose: personal freedom, with a tiny, very tiny chance of criminals getting away and hurting me in some way OR being constantly watched by some kind of law enforcment agency. Both are scary to me, but I do believe that no one ever should have the right to detain me based only on comments I make on the internet. If they start a background check because of my comments? That's cool. They should do that. But do it in the background. Without my family and friends and coworkers seeing me dragged away and charged like a criminal.
  12. The list is good, but next time, I want them to only list games that atleast had potential. I mean the R.I.P.D. game? Who did not know that was going to be utter sh*t?
  13. Actually, I like that idea. Really, I do. I'd love to see that Cannonball Special in a new form. Damn, now I want to see this. Someone, get the film makers on line!
  14. "Funny" thing is, they gave a LOT of screentime to Wolverine and yet, they still can't manage to hold a candle to the original character (khmm... Origins, blight be upon you!). I thought they will make a fresh start with First Class. Did not liked it at all, but I hoped they will move in a new direction. And now, we have Days of Future Past with Wolverine in one of the most important parts of the story. Thrown in for... well for the sake of WHY NOT IT'S WOLVERINE! And the Apocalypse storyline? Really? Doing such a big arc in possibly a single movie? Great idea!
  15. This was... just... WHY? Why did they had to do this sh*t? Never liked this show, but come on... No Man's Sky and Telltale Games were the only worthwile reveals. And they were short and uninformative. But the show was 3 hours long with a co-host who should never, EVER get in front of a camera. Horrible. Definetly the worst of all VGAs I ever followed. If they are going in this direction? Maybe they should consider giving up on it.