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  1. The demo looked really good but i'm containing the hype. When they did their kickstarter i got carried away and bought a couple of ships. But these last few years I've learned to expect disappointment from overhyped games so i'm just patiently waiting, hoping that the money wasn't all a waste. Also, i got way less time to play games these days then i did 4 years ago. I'd also would love it if they'd spend some time into fixing their performance issues, i don't have a bad computer but i barely reach 60FPS when trying out the alpha.
  2. taking notice and lurking
  3. Especially for MMO's it easy to see other people play it on stream and see them have loads of fun. But a lot of the time it's because they play with a community. I had the same with archeage that i liked the game but it ended up being pretty boring fast because i had nobody to play together with.
  4. Ya the immense fanhype might cause some people to cry out when it releases and it's not what they expected. It's also the reason i stopped watching all of the content they put out. I want to play it when it's out and be "WOW-ed" then. Not be "WOW-ed" by all their trailers and promises but then be "MEH-ed" at release
  5. As somebody who died twice already in Elite:Dangerous because i ran out of fuel, i welcome this ship with open arms.
  6. It's a very ambitious game and i doubt it will live up to everybody's expectations and i doubt they will be able to release everything they promised in 2016. But i think if they manage to release with just a portion of what they promised and are able to keep up development after release, the game will do just fine. It helps that they have basic stuff to show on a regular basis.
  7. It's an easy decision really. Play both.. Elite is out now.. SC PU won't be out before 2016 In elite you can choose to play in a public universe or alone or only with friends btw
  8. I just started playing it to scratch my space sim itch. My name is Icazael. I'm a complete noob to it though, haven't been following up on it during it's development. Started in Solo mode to learn the basics
  9. I've bought keys from the site before without problems (no pre-orders though). But i have heard their name come up with the recent thing about dev's getting requests for keys from people impersonating youtubers to supposedly make a video about their game. And supposedly those keys ended up on G2A and other cheap gamekey sites. So yeah i think bought keys on the site will work but i think somebody out there is being screwed over by it, probably the devs themself.
  10. well that plan went from a decent pirate tactic to batshit crazy really fast ... I like it!
  11. I wish the release date of the game would get closer the more money they got from selling ships.. We'd be getting the game in the past..
  12. I tend to stay away from such forums. Only when i'm looking for some information will i bother to go to them. Several reasons why i stay away: Having a discussion there is pointless most of the times. There are only a few small percentages of threads that end up actually mattering for the development of SC. I've read some threads on that forum where i can't help but think.. "Be realistic..CIG is developing a game.. not real life". If they would implement everything those people expect, SC will never be finished or we'll all need supercomputers to be able to run the game. i ain't got time for that shit! Even though i understand there are people needed on those forums to come up with some good ideas so to help CIG, i'm not going to bother because of point °3.
  13. Very informative video. will keep this in mind the next time i start up arena commander
  14. ... I need more money
  15. i just follow them on twitter and read about it on the RSI comm-link emails i get. They always announce everything pretty late.