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HaZarD CraZeD

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  1. I appreciate this very much guys. I'll take all that advice into consideration. Its great to be in a gaming community that looks out for their own. I'll take some time off, and step away from my consoles/PC for a bit
  2. I would be up for it. Most times I think I'm a decent player, except when I face off with an excess of cavalry units lol Tried looking you up on steam: SilentFox1008, but it didn't exist
  3. Trust me I've tried, but something always pulls be back in. Been gaming since I was a kid. I have a strong passion for it, and not much to do in the middle of nowhere. Now I am just skimming things, and it sucks.
  4. I love this! I agree with all of it. As may not pertain to Warhammer specifically, it is about the Golden Age. Combat is not the only thing that should be restored to previous forward moving generations of the Total War Series. The aspects, and events that happened outside battles was major as well. Diplomacy - A more situated AI, that weighed the PROS/CONS For Example: Surrounding a Factions last few cities and asking them to become a client state. Knowing that they will face imminent defeat by overwhelming forces, rather than not even react to the situation. - Willingness to ally with stronger factions, if they have high "Karma" - Bribe a faction to fight a proxy war for you. Marriage/Characters - A more vital Role in Total War Games, like it was in Total War: Shogun 2. - Slower Aging Characters - Offering my oldest heir to an Empire, in return for lasting peace. The list goes on
  5. Before you read: This can be seen as a gripe/taking a weight off my chest. So these past few months I've been left with a void on my chest. Since I'm in the military, I'm used to working long hours, and putting extra time into things even when off of work. I come home exhausted, hang out with the wife, take a load off, then play some video games to unwind. But lately it just hasn't been doing it for me lately. I am playing a video game for a couple of weeks then I get bored of it. If I get lucky I will be on it for 3 weeks, then set it and forget it. So I would just go off, do some research on the next "Big Title." Realizing how crappy or urksome certain things are, I just toss into the rest of the as my wife calls "Stack of game forgotten games" I have both Consoles and Gaming PC Example of games played most recently played and quit: Call of Duty: Copy/Paste(quit) Destiny: Constant Grind(quit) World of Warcraft: Subscription, lack of friends to play it with, and co-workers saying "Play COD, be a man blah blah blah"(quit) Guild Wars 2: Felt Empty, story sucked so I quit(Within 1.5 weeks) Total War: Rome 2: Developers stripping content(1 year off and on) Total War: Attila: Developers stripping Content (4 Months off and on) Star Wars the Old Republic: Lack of Player Base, Felt Grindy without 12x XP Month (Still Subscribed Though) Galactic Civilization 3: Unbalanced I don't know what to do, gaming is my getaway to get away from all the political bullshit here on base. But now I'm just left unsatisfied. And yet to find that game that is good all around. For Example: The Mass Effect Series Fallout Series Star Wars the Old Republic(Before player base died, and the Grind was too bothersome) I'm at that point where I'm just tired of buying/playing blindly now. This is my only getaway and only thing to do since I am in stationed in the middle of no where, and just outside the base the crime rate is the 5th worst in the state. Any assistance would help, I am literally getting home, and once I'm done with my home/husband duties am just miserable/bored.
  6. I wouldn't mind giving it a try, I'll download it tonight
  7. Appreciate it yall I will most definetly play with you guys! I'll take a look at those sections and put up my tags to group up with them
  8. Whats going on Guys/Gals My Real Name is Joseph Perez(Last Name Basis in RL) Based out in North Carolina in SeymourJohnson AFB. Been in the Air Force about 2 years, so if I say Sir/Ma'am alot in game I apologize. I play PC a lot when I'm not swamped at work/RL. Into: - Guild Wars 2 - SWTOR - World of Warcraft - Planetside 2 I also play Both Consoles Xbox ONE/PS4 Depending on where the majority Angry Army leans on player base, is where I will play mostly. But will play both, if asked. - Destiny - COD - ETC.
  9. Appreciate the invite, at the moment I am free-to-play until the "trial" period is over. Or until Uncle Sam pays me on Monday lol. Just tapped into TeamSpeak.
  10. Brand new player to Guild Wars, would love to be a part of the community here. My Tag: HaZarD CraZeD.7328