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Everything posted by Tuiat

  1. (First off - Seriously Joe, We need a WiiU forum Please and Thank-You) Hello fellow Hunters~ Are you an experienced Hunter with an epic blade made from only the strongest and scariest Monsters known to man? Are you brand-new trainee with a Hunting knife and some Leather clothes? Well this is the place to meet up with other Hunters of all Ranks, Add each other on Nintendo's Overly Child-friendly Friend list system, And group up for a few hours worth of hunting and farming. Now some info about me. I've been hunting since the beginning. Got the very first Monster Hunter on PS2, and played it to death. Over 700 hours logged onto that game, and that was only single player.. (Since my parents refused to give me the network adaptor for the ps2, Since they were so scared it was going to cost us thousands of dollars and run us out of the house. Because of how much I played it.....Parents.... ) So after Monster Hunter 1, I got Freedom 2 on the PsP. I skipped the first Freedom because I hadn't heard about it at the time. xD Put another 800 hours into Freedom 2. Then I got Unite and Clocked another 750 something. Freedom Unite was the first Monster Hunter I managed to play Online with strangers. It was amazing. Tricky as all hell. I had to set up a wireless access point with my laptop. Use a website or a launcher program I forget the name of.. Run a lobby through there.. It was tedious. But I pulled through. :'3 I remember constantly playing with one girl though, Can't remember her at all. But damn, she was a good hunter. XD (That's totally Irrelevant) Anyway! I'd love to get into a hunt with you guys. Feel free to add me on the WiiU. Username there is iTuiat. I used to have a bunch of people on my list online and in-game a lot. But now I only see.. uh...Most people haven't been online in months. *Sigh* Add me up guys~ Leave your WiiU Usernames down below if you would also like others to add, and Hunt with you. I have a Mic, I love to use voice-chat and I find it absolutely essential. You know.. considering that using a touch-pad while in mid battle is rather Impractical. See you soon~
  2. Alien Vampires, Grendel, Infected Mushroom, ES23, Eisenfunk and Aesthetic Perfection would be the ones off the top of my head.
  3. There are so many games I can think of that I'd love to suggest o_o Probably the best Clan-based game I can think of right now is Eve Online.
  4. The WiiU may not have many games as of yet.. But there will be more next year. Monster Hunter Ultimate right now, is the best game on the system. Wonderful 101 has many great things being said about it, It's worth your time apparently. ZombieU? Eh.. If you like Mario, you have lots to work with.. However, Next year we have Bayonetta 2 (Get it) Smash Bros U (Gonna be amazing) Mario Kart 8? (If you like Mario kart.) A Gen 6 Pokemon stadium that'll probably have online competitions and so on. And uh...I can't think of many else... Monster Hunter 4 may come to it..Maybe...
  5. Dedicated Whovian right here~<3 Seen all the episodes at least 3 times, re-watching the series over and over. I have a tardis on my car keys and I've regenerated at least 4 times in my current lifecycle. (Maybe an exaggeration) xD
  6. Alien Vampires, Infected Mushroom, Grendel, ES23, Eisenfunk, Nachtmahr. The list goes on. x3
  7. I love the new games. My FC: 0430-8421-4446 Add me here and send me a message with yours so I can add you back. :3
  8. http://www.youtube.com/channel/SW0V0rTA7isPw Monstercat. You are Welcome.
  9. It's definitely Next-Gen. It just came out before both PS4 and XBone. It also has Monster Hunter, Bayonetta 2 and Smash Bros. Which is something neither PS4 or XBone have.
  10. First time I got Pokerus was in Ruby version. Latios had it, believe it or not. And I've found Pokerus in every gen since then. Never had much trouble with it, granted it took over 100 hours or more each game. Only reason I've found it in X/Y is because Wonder trade gave it to me. So that's not bad.
  11. I'm quite shocked as well.. But you should probably earn an Achievement for it.
  12. I found a Shiny Weepinbell a few days ago. Horde battle, No radar. I was super happy, and super disappointed at the same time. Really, A Friggin Weepinbell? :C Sigh. Oh well. Probably worth an awesome trade somewhere.
  13. Major lack of Coffee in the general 1 meter radius around my current location.... But other than that, fine.
  14. I don't get why everyone has suddenly condemned Subscription games as such a game killer.. Free to Play games are much harder to work with.. There's a fine balance that F2P games have to maintain. They need a steady income, But they must also avoid becoming Pay to Win. Just because Guild Wars 2 can do it, doesn't mean all other MMO's can as well. ESO is a game that looks deserving of $15 a month. It looks beautiful and who can argue that they don't want to see a game like that become Pay to Win and/or plagued with useless and overpriced Microtransactions. I avoid games with Micro-transactions like the plague. Rightfully so. $15 or $20 a month for a game's subscription is nothing. It's like.. 1-2 hours at Work if you have a job. Even if you don't, No one says you can't do some small jobs for some cash to put in the bank. Mow the neighbours lawn or something, Wash your Dad's car or anything. $20 is not much to give per month, for an Online game that requires an income to maintain it's servers, update constantly and pay it's admins that keep it running smoothly. Subscriptions are a good thing for an MMO. Free to Play works in some cases, but when I play F2p, All I see are money grubbing tactics that disgust me. *CoughLoLcough*
  15. You're no good to the Army all burnt up.
  16. Ugh........ I'm not sure what to say.. I mean....Ugghhh... This is the iPhone of the Gaming industry. New models every year or so.. Very few changes.. Overhyped. Honestly, people just buy CoD games because it has "Call of Duty" on the cover. They could create a CoD game with the fidelity and production quality of "Ride To Hell" and people would still defend it to the death because it's CoD. I've never bought any CoD games. Believe me, I'm proud of that fact.
  17. Heh, No. Not even Mario on Fire Flowers could help.
  18. Mouse Trap Anyone?
  19. The term "Modern Military Shooter", will be replaced with "Retro Military Shooter" That will be in the distant future, when our Military becomes much more advanced than these games currently portray. Yep.
  20. Oh YesYesYes. Natural Selection is awesome. As long as you have a decent computer that can keep you up and above 40fps. You'll be fine..60fps preferred. I'm not kidding. You NEED great performance to play this game properly.. Because if your performance is skippy and so on, Those aliens will eat you alive. (Literally) And you won't be able to keep up. My laptop barely hits 40fps, Luckily.. And I struggle to play in full matches with a bunch of people in one area.. Frame-rates drop down to under 15fps and I die and lose. But I still have a ton of fun when my computer plays nice.
  21. No game is safe from the AJSA Not even Minesweeper.
  22. If you even have to ask yourself this question.. You either. A: Have no knowledge of Ganondorf's abilities, history and power. Or B: You love Bowser's badassitude a little too much. Yeah, Bowser is a Badass. He has a rockin' castle with racing tracks around and through it. Lava everywhere and death traps all over the place. It's just a shame he can't fight for crap.. He gets swung around by the tail and thrown into bombs by a lil Italian man, possibly 1/10th the size of himself. (Mario 64 Reference) But he can't beat Ganondorf, even if he tried. No contest.
  23. I honestly wish I knew more female gamers. :/ Wish I could play with the female friends I do have, however they don't play anything. :c