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    Games (of course) of all sorts! Also drawing and reading comics, and movies!
  1. Sweden! Still hasn't turned cold as balls, but it's getting there!
  2. PC as well! Was so happy they decided to take it there, even if it was kind of a publicity stunt.
  3. Welcome, welcome!Enjoy your time here!
  4. Currently Gravity Falls, fantastic show, up for a 2nd season!
  5. I can answer this. It's a pandemic that has swept Manhattan and destroyed social structures and such, YOU are part of the Division who's trying to keep order. The voices are supposed to be players talking over chat, as it is a MMO-like game.
  6. I'm one of those people who were just kinda disappointed with DA2, so I'm reasonably optimistic About DA:I. And I also did get to see the game at a big screen at GAMEX last weekend, and it looked A-MA-ZING. What we saw looked well crafted, the combat was smooth, but still tactical once you zoom out in the tactical view. Now the companions just needs to be interesting and fun to talk to.
  7. Yep, I'd say they're strategy games. This comment was very important and very well explained. Give me my medal.
  8. Not as simple as smarter vs dumber, apparently studies have shown that people who play a lot of game get better decision making skills, and such... But smarter? Probably not. You can't get anywhere by only doing one thing, I think. You need a multitude of experiences to get smart and creative.
  9. I have it on steam, but never played it. Add me! We should for a team and try it, people!
  10. It all depends on what you like. Right now I'm following Captain Marvel, Ultimate Spider-Man (the new one), Spectacular Spider-Man and Avengers Academy, for superhero comics, looking for more, of course. As for Japanese comics that you should check out that are a bit different from the usual stuff; Onepunch Man, Silver Spoon, Yotsuba&!/Yotsubato!, Monster, Vinland Saga.... I can go on, but those are all A+ comics.
  11. It's some sort of effort in trying to make them as unique looking as possible. Can't blame them, though. Their artists must be under a lot of pressure... But sometimes you gotto ask why the keychain was approved...?
  12. I like modern games better, but that's just me. >u>
  13. Sounds fantastic in concept, now they just need to deliver I'm signed up for Landmark and the full on Next. So far, the world seems fantastic, the graphics are gorgeous, but I still want to see more combat and interface. Oh, well, it's all in the "we will see"-box.
  14. Such quality we get for freaking free! I don't mind waiting.
  15. All of this sounds so rad >n< Here's another one: Open world RPG, multiplayer.... Pokémon... Go into the world. Choose your path, which you can change at any time, with consequences. Make friends. Make foes. Your choice. Giant world, with Pokémon moving around, in packs/herds/flocks, you have to hunt rare Pokémon down. Follow tracks, rumours, set traps. Aaahh...