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Ol' Dirty Badger

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  1. I'll add you when i get the chance, atm (today) i'm not in the position to be playing anything because i'm a bit backlogged with college work that needs doing. Hopefully we can get a few more people down for playing some CS so to get a full five man team, perhaps someone who's good with the AWP because i'm not good with it either , Thanks for replying bro.
  2. BTW, when i say decent, i mean "has a grasp of how the game works". (This ain't CoD, as most people think it is.) You don't have to be amazing or anything because i'm not either. i'm not looking to be carried through the ranks. I wanna play competitive, rank up, perhaps make some new friends along the way and have fun gaming. Anyone is welcome to come join.
  3. I was hoping to hop on GTA V on the PC with some members of the angry army, so i check up on the crew thinking there would be an influx of people joining because of the PC release, but no, look at this: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_angry_army Only 312 members in the crew, with there being fewer people active in the crew. we need to give GTA V some love. Anyone up for playing some GTA Online holla.
  4. Unfortunately, hardly any of my mates play PC, and the ones that do and play CS:GO are way up there in the ranks. I'm only Gold Nova Master. Anyone who's around the same rank, decent at the game and tired of solo queuing and playing with russians just holla and we'll play some comp games. My steam: Ol' Dirty Badger