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  1. Overwatch just got a new hero and I'm just sitting here wondering if anyone here still plays it? I remember when it came out there wasn't all that much buzz about it because of the unanimous "it's blizzard, therefore bad" stance. I dunno, I have like 295 hrs into it and it's one of the things I play most, but I was looking for a few other people to group with to quick play in so I can play Moira... I'm a support main, (50 hrs into Ana) so I really need to play the New hero... A lot of dps players are flocking to her because of videos like McCreamy's Moira Meta and it's frustrating. (and no, I don't want to play on no limits with 6v6 moiras) Anyways Flea#11579 if you're interested.
  2. I changed my battletag so it's flea#11579 now. But hit me up people! I'm looking for 5 other people that will let me auto-select Moira...
  3. Oh lord why did you have to link that clip It makes me cringe so much I cannot stand it. I really wouldn't mind the complaint at all if he took 5 minutes to EXPLAIN his stance on it, instead of just going "It's inappropriate, remove it!" The fact that people pick out optional things to complain about annoys me though, I can't really understand. It does make me happy that he's getting backlash from other Hindus because they think the entire thing is ridiculous. I didn't even know who this man was until last night, and after this I'll probably forget. And I'll be honest, I don't respect anyone's religion. I do respect their right to have those beliefs, however. We live in an amazing time when the most troubling thing we have to worry about is rather or not people are Offended. I disagree, wanting something removed because of your own arbitrary beliefs is absolutely ridiculous; 100% of the time. omgerd my feelings. I personally think this line of thought comes from their own insecurities. It doesn't matter how your gods or goddesses are portrayed in video games, where they'ed treated the same as anything else in the game. Now imagine a game based on Hindu mythology? Yeah, I can see where you might want things to be more accurately represented; but imposing it onto a game that it has nothing to do with, especially when it's just a little side-skin for people that might want it? It's dumb. I hold fast with the sentiment of "Fuck your feelings." However, it depends. Yes people do usually do things because of their own feelings, but without explaining your stance? It just makes you look like a baby whining because your precious feelings. edit: Okay, I read the article: He did explain it, but I still disagree. He is offended because he obviously doesn't understand the difference between the actual character and optional skins. Or more so, he doesn't want his fictional goddesses being controlled in a virtual game; Because I guess that degrades them? God forbid we're 'allowed' to explore any type of mythology without someone sliding in the "I'm offended card", that's absolutely absurd. Oh I wouldn't know why! Maybe it's because the character herself has nothing to do with your damned goddesses? It may create confusion, but to a millennial the entire theology creates confusion. Regardless, you don't get to decide what is and isn't okay, or more so you can't command people. To the average person, a religious(usually of conflicting religion) person condemning something in a distant country means NOTHING. It's simply because we're slowly becoming a little bitchy baby culture that back-steps every time some says they're offended. There is a good reason REGRESSIVE Left is a thing people say. Political Correctness and all that crap. Refer to "Fuck your feelings."
  4. First Tracer, now Symmetra! Becuase Feelz. It's getting ridiculous. Blizzard will probably change it too.
  5. Yeah Zen is going to be getting a LOT more playtime now. He can cover a whole lot of ground and keep everyone at max hp easy with his ult up. Not to mention, with an added Ana and a biotic grenade, his ult is completely unstoppable. (You can also cancel it out fairly easily with Ana too.) I guarantee Zen+Ana is going to be a popular support comp.
  6. Shameless Promotion! But seriously, it's like one of the only Ana guides(well it's really just a lot of quick tips) out right now. I'm tired so I'll post the YT description. Weliver here, and hello! I've been wanting to do an Overwatch video for awhile now but I personally think that just watching matches without commentary are boring so I haven't uploaded anything I've recorded. I thought of a way to fix that! Hopefully it's not that big of a deal ... I plan to get a mic soon regardless. Anyways, onto the video: Ana is on the PTR and everyone's favorite little grannies seems to be more played than Genji! I can see why, she has very unique playstyle while also filling crucial roles. It's definitely a playstyle that has 'clicked' with me the most; I blame the rifle! I always gravitate towards non-scoped rifles in shooters and I finally have a hero in OW with one! (It's scoped, but I only use it when I have to.) Not to mention CCs, healing suppression? I've played a rogue in WoW for a long time, Blizz. If any character would ever make me think about being guilty of having a 'main' in OW, it would definitely be Ana. Maybe you prefer to read guides, or may be deaf? Well, here's the manuscript! Side note! If you disagree with any of my points, feel free to tell me! I'm learning with everyone else given she just came out and more knowledge, the Better! Edit: It took so much effort to get that video up just now because I'm still not used to all these changes... Edit 2: I just noticed my thumbnail is a lie, I don't know how many individual tips are in the video so I just wanted to clarify.
  7. WeLiVeR#1130
  8. Silly! The AJSA has a morale objection to ALL things Blizzard. WoW? Psssssh. Heroes? League Rip-off (but it's better) Overwatch? HA, you mean Team Fortress: The Frozen Throne! (OW blows TF away, sorry. Come at me.) ... Diablo's pretty good ... (Anyone want to play any of the games I listed with me, add my B-Tag WeLiVeR#1130) I don't currently play WoW, I'll probably get back into it soonish, though. Always up for Heroes/D3!
  9. Thanks for notifying, me I had honestly forgotten.
  10. Awesome, happy to help mate~ (Upgrade to Nvidia tho)
  11. When I read this, First thing that comes to mind is definitely Drivers. Have you updated recently? Also, Do you use Raptr or whatever AMD's 'performance' app is? I use to and it auto-set everything and screwed up all my tweaking; Had a similar problem.
  12. Ohhh, that sounds amazing. Fallout in China or Russia would be awesome. And there isn't a reason why FO should be locked to ONLY the States
  13. Reposting this from PS4 Forums because useless: http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/Consoles-Peripherals/PS4-Free-Space-Glitching/td-p/45628809 "So, my brother came in and asked me to fix his PS4. Everytime he goes to make a new character in any of his games, he gets "invalid amount of space" error. He currently has 216.8 Gbs free, and I have no idea what to do. Any ideas?"
  14. Depends, some things update all the time. But OP, AMD seems worthless with this kind of thing. I've been in your exact situation and just had to downgrade drivers until I got my old one. Friend of mine before going to Nvidia auto-updated his display driver and his screen went pink until he reverted...