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  1. About the chat option, the issue has been adressed several times here in suggestions - here and here, for example. The official stand is we don't have enough manpower to moderate it, and we already have Teamspeak, so it's not really needed. Still, it may happen in the distant future.
  2. Damn, I just checked this (should have done this earlier...) and only Veteran is time based, then there's Sergeant, which actually is picked. That's good, that's the biggest problem I had already solved. Still, I think donators and founders should get a badge rather than a separate rank, and we could keep to the military ranks
  3. This should be in new game requests, and there already is a lengthy topic on TF2, right here
  4. I really don't get why a poll has not been put up. Allright, there is no direct way to have a clan in game, and it's pretty old too. But TF2 would be an excellent way to socialize and get to play with most of our community - it is free, it requires like a 5 year old rig to run, and it is still loads of fun. Everyone in here could play it. Actually, TF2 not being supported is the single biggest problem I have with our Army right now - I don't have a nextgen console or PC, I have to rely on older (and cheaper) games to have fun, and as it is right now I have nothing to look for here. Sure, I can find a group to play Monaco or something in Request a Scrim, but I could do that anyway...
  5. Since the launch, I have been confused about the ranking system in our community. Now, after consideration, I decided to voice my concerns and get ignored, or get nothing changed anyway, cause, hey, that's the way of things If that's too long for you to read, feel free not to, it's just a rant. The ranks are a military idea, and I strongly believe that in our case it is needed to go through with this idea all the way. As it is now, we got a mixture of actual ranks, 'moderators', 'donators' and so on. Also, I think it wouldn't hurt to display our rank alongide the AJSA tag - that way whatever you're playing you instantly know who you're dealing with. Let's start with why the enlisted ranks aren't as good as they could be. The biggest problem with these is that they are entirely time based, which means that they say nothing about the actual expierience in the Army. Being a sergeant just means that you signed in 3 or whatever months ago. One doesn't have to post or play with us even once. I do not say that it isn't necessary at the beggining, but adding a second time based rank certainly is not needed. I think that the way promotion should work all the way to the top is: a higher rank proposes your case to an even higher rank (for example officer proposes a commander to promote you to an officer), and if you are deemed worthy, you get promoted. For the ranks themselves, I feel it could go like that: -Recruit: As is now. Basically boot camp. Someone who has yet to prove that can hold a rifle (isn't a bot or a multi account). -Private: Member now. I don' see any reason, other than existing badges, to deviate from the military theme. Promoted from Recruit after a week up to a month, this man (or woman) proved to be willing to stand beside us. -Corporal: Non-existent now. Someone recognized for his valor. Or more like being an active member of our community, rather than just having an account on the forums. -Sergeant: Devoted and ready to die or spend like 8 hours in front of a computer for the glory of the AJSA, a Sergeant is a member recognized higher up the chain. We could also go as far as to create a First Sergeant for those who represent us well on tournaments. Now, for the officer ranks - I just find them confusing and, again, not consistent with our military setup. -Lieutenant: An existing officer, name changed just to stay true to Army ranks. Also, the occupation should be included, at least on the forums (Forums Lieutenant instead of Moderator, or BF4 Lieutenant, for example). I know you can easily check that, but it may not be anymore if our Army grows further. -Major: Instead of Commander. -General: Instead of Council member. And a super badass rank just for Joe, like the existing Lord Commander About the Donators, I feel they should just get a badge, or a medal, or stripe, or whatever you call it (like the two Joe has) instead of stripping them out of the ranking system. I get that they make the Army possible but still... They should have ranks... I guess... That's pretty much all. Yes, I am aware that it would be a pain in the ass to change the system now, and so it's not gonna happen. I really just wanted to get my voice out there, for your consideration.
  6. Minor issue, but still would be nice to see it changed. I found that's the thing about this this forum - looks pretty neat, but it isn't always easy to find whatever you seek.
  7. Mods don't seem to look into this at all, except maybe TonsoFun. Actually I don't blame them, with nearly 30,000 members it's impossible to keep up with everything, and to immefiately spot a repost. Otherwise it's simply time consuming to look for older threads, because the search function is crap. Not once have I found what I was looking for with that...
  8. Would be nice to see that, but I'm not sure if Joe would necessarily be the one to do the work. He already has a lot on his plate, I bet, and it would be great to be done by the community itself. I believe TonOfun said there already is a YT channel planned for the community, we are just growing too quickly for the council to wrap their heads around everything. @GenYus: Well, I think you could look over community content section and you'll sure find a few streams.
  9. I'd love it If we could get some funding that way, it's a win-win-win - we get to play, AJSA gets funding, company gets testing. The thing is we are not reliable enough for that. Joe can't guarantee we won't spill the beans, and that would be necessary to even start talking seriously about outsourcing testing to us. A great idea nonetheless
  10. The council has already adressed this issue - it's not likely to happen for some time. Here's a thread on that.
  11. I'd like to see that
  12. I think you're asking for official support here, and then it's the wrong place for that. First, find a few people who have free time and will volunteer to become officers. Then, post in the proper place for that, and hope the vote gets passed. Only then would you get AJSA servers
  13. Well, stop using damned IE But seriously, already mentioned here.
  14. Oh. didn't notice that... Thanks
  15. If I recall correctly, in his video of GTAV he promised to do another one about the online part. I don't know when he will, cause he's sure taking his time about it, but I trust he wil. On another note, this should be in general discussions, I think.